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What People are Saying
about Maureen's Workshops

You're a fabulous teacher. Thank you for your caring and devotion. I was truly impressed and I told myself that when I grow up, I want to be just like you.  Donna, NYC

Maureen is a dynamic, intuitive facilitator. Her knowledge of Sacred Geometry and ability to expand and awaken the consciousness of individuals in her class was indeed a great honor to experience personally.  Joan Van Walleghem

As usual, I absorbed so much wisdom from our time together during the FOL workshop last weekend. What a fulfilling experience to be in the presence, and under the tutelage, of a mentor who is so wise in such a vast multitude of subjects. There honestly doesn't appear to be a question or topic that you are incapable of tackling. I no longer feel that I'm one breath short of a MerKaBa Meditation!  N. Lehourites, Cranton, RI

I really wanted to thank you so much for helping me in my transformation. I am so grateful it was you who was teaching. Your vast knowledge, experience and heart made such an impact on me, and I am speechless when I try to think of the right words to explain my thankfulness for you and to you. I am so grateful that I decided to travel to Canada to learn from you, instead of someone closer who teaches :) Blessings, love, rainbows and light to you always, Melissa

Maureen infuses great wisdom, compassion and love into her interactions with her students. She is punctual, courteous, available to answer any questions that students have and is very precise when giving instructions. Maureen is the consummate professional, and it is clear that she loves her work immensely.  Hovey Williams, Chinese doctor

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the last 4 days of phenomenal learning and fun. I so enjoyed your classes and meeting you was also such a joy.

Maureen is an awesome facilitator of both Flower of Life workshop & her well developed Advanced FOL. Maureen is so hospitable and wonderful the whole weekend. I learned so much I didn't want it to end. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel like my life has been forever changed and I've moved about 5,000 notches up the ladder toward God. Keep up the great work and keep laughing - that really helped and I'm not so scared any more!  Meaghan McCue, St. Charles, IL, professional athlete

I am really drawn to the Universality of the Flower of Life Teachings. It is a greater reflection of what I feel inside of me than the master-disciple relationship was. That is why I had such a transformation after doing the MerKaBa Meditation.

...(Maureen's Flower of Life Workshop) was a wonderful experience and I look forward to more work in that area. Those present received what they could at various levels and all seemed happy. While it may not seem like a big thing in many ways it was humongous for us here. Unlike in the United States where workshops on any and everything under the sun are a part of everyday life, such things do not exist here in the BVI and hence to have persons willing to pay that kind of money for a workshop is remarkable. On top of that they appreciated what they received.  Michael, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Maureen, I feel blessed with having had a chance to attend your FOL workshop. I received more than I ever anticipated. By the deep involvement in the environment you created for us I acquired a motivation and grounds for the real beginning of my spiritual journey. Up to this moment, I thought that I was challenged in the area of... higher consciousness, and was making my own path through what I saw as life. With your guidance and my experiences during the workshop, I happily concluded that it isn't true and it's all much easier!

I just wanted to extend my highest gratitude again for last week's FOL class in NYC. I feel as though I took a happy pill...I am also really enjoying the CDs I purchased.  Sandy

Maureen is one of the most incredible facilitators I've had, and I've had powerful workshop leaders. Wow is the word that comes to mind. I'm not sure what more I can say. Maureen is the only one who has raised my level of consciousness and has given me one to the most powerful tools to put into my toolbox. And she did so in such a warm, welcoming and loving manner - nurturing. The workshop with Maureen made me feel more of everything.  Laurie Lanzdorf, Mequon, WI

Practicing the Mer-Ka-Ba feels fantastic. I have read the books from both seminars, and I can say the material is dynamite. I feel so sorry for those who cannot use English. The Hathor chant is wonderful. It was a pity we didn't have time for practicing the Kadosh one which clears the fields of the body.  Svetla, Varna, Bulgaria.

I'm SO glad I followed my guidance and took your FOL 1 and 2 classes last week in NYC. It was a wonderful experience. I'm already seeing positive results...and I've already begun to tell my friends about what a great experience I had.  Pauline

The Advanced Flower of Life class taught by Maureen provided the tools for me to make time-leaping changes in my thought and belief systems. Maureen has the knack of tuning into your energies and offering the perfect catalysts for enourmous changes. This indeed led to a further opening of my heart and I was able to perceive that I was indeed loved by those surrounding me, and to realize that up till then I acted in my relationships as if this were not true. As usual with Maureen, one simple exercise unveiled me of this false illusion, and dismantled a systematic behaviour based on intrinsic distrust. The reason I get so much out of her courses is that I am eager for the changes, know that they can rapidly occur, and I get to work right away with full intention. I embrace the magic, and it works magic for me.  Nina Shaka, Paris 2006

I took the workshop from Maureen over a year ago and was blown away with the material, the exercises, and the overall experience. This is much more than any other workshop I have ever taken (and I have been to quite a few). Both Maureen and the FOL workshop have made a huge positive impact on my spiritual journey. I would highly recommend it.  Mark in Atlanta

Maureen is a phenomenal facilitator and a wonderful person. The experience of the workshop was simply magical.

Dear Maureen, I'd like to express my thanks to you again for all the "TOOLS" you shared with us in Sandra's home in Okotoks. My connection to the spirit realm is getting clearer and clearer each day and night.  Alex

I did the meditation to your CD the other night and was absolutely THRILLED with it!!! I especially like the part where you guide us to extend our prana tubes 27' above our heads and also below... and then the Universe comes in... I could feel the torus geometry so completely at that moment. It was beautiful! The tonings and sound effects synchronized with the breaths was also so helpful. I'm so glad we made it to your class and I could experience the female way. I also ordered the manual for your Genie in the Bottle class.

After fifteen years of studying from many many teachers, I have never found any experience (Flower of Life workshop & Maureen's Advanced FOL) to answer as many questions that clarify the vast nature of reality as what was accomplished by studying under the exceptionally gifted tutelage of Maureen St. Germain. Maureen's ability to convey complex teachings with crystal clarity is augmented by her wonderful sense of humor. Maureen is able to present expansive cognitive information without losing the emotional spiritual complements.

Thank you for a strong assertive, rooted reflection of what works and not bending a knee to insecurity, while still reflecting comfort that allows the snail to come out of its shell. Thanks for the perspective on polarity and showing the road to further development. You truly unlocked and helped me to release my fear of being who I really am. I truly appreciate all the homework you have done for the Collective. You have taken this all to a new level. You have brought so much in one spot. It is going to all move so much quicker now!  Kovey Nau, Fox Lake, IL

...It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to more work in that area. Those present received what they could at various levels and all seemed happy. While it may not seem like a big thing in many ways it was humongous for us here. Unlike the US, where workshops on any and everything under the sun is a part of everyday life, such things do not exist here in the BVI and hence to have persons willing to pay that kind of money for a workshop is remarkable. On top of that they appreciated what they received.  Local host, British Virgin Islands

I am writing this letter of appreciation within days of my completion of the Flower Of Life workshop. I have been trying to take the workshop for nearly 4 years. I guess that timing is everything.

I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to have you as my teacher. You are not only a wealth of information, but a beacon of unconditional love. Your energy is right up there with Drunvalo, Michael Ruiz & others whom I consider a Master. The insights & teachings that you have tapped into are a source of great wisdom & the purest form of truth & love.

Thank you for being such a clear conduit of this ancient & sacred information. My life will remain forever changed & richer because of this class & the mastery level in which you taught it.  Love & Light,  Annamarie Masson Ph.D. RMT., Bach Flower Practitioner, CHT.

Maureen, Since taking the Flower of Life workshop, my life has improved on many levels. I use the MerKaBa and the Unity Breath Meditations every day. When I do the MerKaBa meditation, I feel like I want to stay in the meditative state 24 hours a day because it feels so good. It has helped to ground and center me. I have a sense of well-being and a feeling of expansion. I can feel my MerKaBa, as can my osteopath, Dr. Steven Weiss, who originally suggested I take your workshops. I feel as though I take up more space, people seem to be drawn to me in positive ways and health issues are clearing up faster. I have had repetitive stress injuries for many years, making not only working impossible, but also most activities in which I use my arms, hands and neck - actually all of my upper body. Since the Flower of Life Workshop, I have been making rapid progress in healing those problems. Through the use of pranic breathing, I have prevented colds from developing and my healing powers have increased. I just started to program my MerKaBa, and I am looking forward to continued positive experiences. I feel I have barely scratched the surface of what this information holds for me.

I thank you, Maureen, for opening my heart and soul to this fantastic information. I look forward to taking the advanced Flower of Life in the spring. I have also been using the Angel Meditation CD every day since the workshops and have experienced enormous help from the Angels in health, relationships and financial issues. For example, I had a five-minute, non-argumentative conversation with my sister, with whom I'd hardly spoken two words since 1994. This estrangement was definitely not my choice. Explaining the problem would take too much of your time. Suffice it to say, we just haven't been getting along (mildly put), and this was certainly a major breakthrough.  Christine Kelly, NYC

When I learned the MerKaBa from you, it is as if everything became a dance. I didn't really notice it until I went for a few days without activating... then everything became quite abrupt. It is as if I was STILL learning the steps (stumbling around, as it were) and thinking "what goes next?" With the MerKaBa (up and running) it was as if I had been dancing for an eternity.  Joanne Butler, Cairo, Egypt

My workshop with you in Hawaii with the Advanced FOL and Dolphin Swim was the best seven days of my life.  Linda (Atlanta)

I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude. The workshop was so much more than I expected. Your're absolutely incredible! The energy you brought was terrific. And I have to tell you that I felt such an amazing feeling within our group. My deepest thanks to you, Maureen.  (a participant from Monterey, CA who travelled to NY to take the workshop.)

It's very important what you are doing in this dimension, as we must make a continuous effort to bring love, peace and overall light to this planet. I don't know if you expected a message, a clue or something ...I just want to tell you that the love that you give with your presence is just enough ...and I can feel a smile somewhere saying "I'm so proud of you" and a "big thank you". You opened my heart that evening, and though sometimes it hurts to be so open, It's a pleasure when everything begins to vibrate in my whole body and recognize that I am what I AM. Love,  Ali, Paris, FR

Almost two weeks have passed since I attended your FOL workshop. The MerKaBa meditation IS HUGE!!!! I simply do not have words to express how HUGE, so I won't attempt. I trust that anyone who reads these words will just "know". The MerKaBa is very powerful...and I believe that anyone who has fully activated this energetic field is completely protected.  (a participant from Seattle)

This work is incredible. The workshop this past weekend was more powerful than I had hoped in my wildest imagination! I recommend it to everyone who is on a spiritual path, and who is doing healing work. The opportunity for personal and spiritual growth contained in the MerKaBa cannot be expressed. It must be experienced. I urge you to mark your calendars for the next workshop in your area and make it a priority to be here.  (A banker who hosted the workshop, Atlanta.)

I was originally searching for "origin of geometry " and found the FOL website. What I enjoyed most about the workshop is knowing that EVERYTHING fits together for reasons. This was the most relaxing experience I've ever had with "strangers", it was very comfortable and I was able to release enough to reach "somewhere else", my "heart space."  (an engineer from Georgia.)

Maureen is a wonderful facilitator because she was able to answer every question of mine, no matter how off topic, AND still maintain non-judgementality. She is comfortable to learn from.

Thank you for the amazing gifts you share. You have graced my life and I am so grateful. My loving thoughts are with you as you travel, teach and share.  Jasmine

Maureen conducts her workshop with grace and ease. She listens to her inner guidance to tailor the workshop to her participants requirements.

Our spiritual paths have definitely accelerated since that weekend. The world of illusion is falling away and we are coming face to face with the reality.  (A mother and daughter from Milwaukee.)

I was convinced to attend because my husband went to one of Maureen's workshops four months ago and he changed so much. He is more considerate of others, kinder, more at peace and easier to talk to. This is a lot of change compared to what I am used to with him.  (A wife, mother, and geologist turned healer from Wisconsin.)

Maureen's knowledge is very deep and her connections with people very compassionate and fun.

Thank you again for a most amazing FOL experience earlier this month in NYC. I didn't realize how much of an impact it had on me until I sat down and thought about it! I feel fabulous! And I thank you again for providing the tools and support I needed to guide me through this process.  Maddy

Maureen is very open and sincere with all the questions. She is very warm and personable and made everything easy to understand and fun.

...just wanted to convey our deep gratitude for the time we spend with you during the Advanced FOL Workshop. Thank you for your compassion and true service so lovingly performed. And, I did the meditation to your CD the other night and was absolutely THRILLED with it!!!  Eddie and Diane

Maureen's warmth and positive outlook made the experience enjoyable.

I would rate Maureen a 10, the highest score for the love, light, and passion with which she teaches comes through to our hearts. I connected immediately and felt as if I was home again.

In the workshop I made a very powerful connection and more importantly for me, the ability to set aside my ego to listen.

Maureen is an artist of the soul!

Without the facilitator (Maureen) being who she is, it would not have been quite so special.

I went through most of the web site. I truly believe that you should change the "about" page to be the home page. I think it is SO warm and conveys SO much about who you are that it should be the FIRST thing people find. After that, they will want to click all over the place!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can FEEL that Heart energy just coming through that page. I know you well enough to know that it is your EGO that does NOT want that to be on the front! It isn't about ego, it's about that beautiful heart energy that people have to find FIRST. Ok.... you asked for opinions..... and got that Latina passion!  (A Spanish teacher and host of the workshop.)


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