The Magnanimous Dimension:

I am now asking for a most magnanimous outcome!

(Channeled by Maureen from the Council of Nine) 

We will talk about the Magnanimous Dimension? As indicated by us, we have urged you to bring in the energy of the combined integration of three dimensions. We know you are quite familiar with the energy of the 3rd dimension, it’s polarity, it’s divisiveness, it’s goodness, and yes there is goodness in 3rd dimension. Fourth dimension is integrating now within each of you. You are beginning to tap into the depths of joy, presence and love. Fourth dimension is the portal through which you magnify, and transport yourself into fifth dimension. Because your world has been slow to catch up, we now are offering to you this combined quality of this nexus into the 5th dimension to reach each and every one of you, and we name it the “Magnanimous Dimension” an energy of great integration. It consists of knowing and understanding the perils and of 3rd, the passion of 4th, the ecstasy of 5th and distilling it into an exquisite elixir of Magnanimousness.

Many of you have heard the phrase, “Most Benevolent outcome.” This has been popularized by an author whom you love. Tom T. Moore has written several books on this subject, referring to it as the gentle way.  It is well adopted by many, and rightly so. You now have the outcome, of the combined dimensions with you, and may ask for a most magnanimous outcome!

Welcome to Maureen St.

Take a moment to enjoy this personal greeting! Get an overview of all we have to offer… from healing, clearing and manifesting to ascension and the Akashic records!
Love, Maureen

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