Maureen’s Newest Book: Waking Up in 5D!

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement soon!

This book will guide you through the rapidly changing environment, and awaken you to the phenomenal opportunities the fifth dimensional energies have to offer.

The game has changed! The rules are different! The new normal is unlike anything you have known from the past. You can be ready for it, but you must sign up personally for your ascension.

Between 2004-2012, Maureen noticed the evolving concepts and language of the Fifth Dimensional expression that began to emerge in her workshops and Akashic Records readings. This book provides you with her insights and tools to prepare you for these magnificent changes.

Join Maureen St. Germain on this extraordinary journey, where you apply this 5D understanding, shorten the learning curve and help assist everyone throughout the cosmos to consciously choose 5D — where love is the governing rule. This book will guide you on your path of ascension. It will support your desire for a sweeter life, one filled with more love, joy, and kindness. It will assist those of you who are interested in esoteric matters, but do not yet understand why. Humanity is ready! Mother Earth is ready! Reclaim your birthright, and discover the opportunities and experiences that await you in 5D, your new normal.

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