Mary Magdalene Sacred Journey – update

Some of you saw my posts in Facebook from Montserrat. If not, check them out!


IMG_1455Montserrat is one of the spiritual places we stayed at on our journey.

The first morning you could see the remains of a full moon in the early morning hours.




The sunrise was something else!

IMG_1468Montserrat Sunrise 1






This magical mountain carries certain powerful energies, and is a major power spot for spiritual work. Just being there evokes a feeling of sacredness. We had a number of “aha” moments, including finding dragon carvings on the pillars of the convent building!

Dragon Pillar Dragon Pillar1






There is a massive stone courtyard with a modified astrology inlay in the center. This is where we held our ceremony. We called in the energies of the Angelic Realm for the healing and balancing of humanity.







I’m still integrating this powerful journey and will have more posts for you in the future.


Love to you!


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