Jazz up Your Life with Judy – Higher Self Living!

I was just on Jazz up Your Life with Judy. We have an incredible program we did with them. Join us for an informative and fun 90 minutes. Judy says she’s never had any one teach on the Higher Self Connection

We talked about the Higher Self connection and how to get it and how it is different from your Angels and Guides. We talked about how the pendulum can let you down and how we learn to use tools like this. I’m so stoked that we could offer this program!

If you want to join us – it’s available to listen to the live recording.

I answered questions near the second half of the call. One client calls in and my guides are able to tell her exactly what she is to do – and she had started and abandoned it! Great to hear her happy feedback.

Sign up for our special offer with Judy – available thru Monday Nov. 10, 2014

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