Letting Go of the Need to Control!

Let Go!

More synchronicities – where I get to be part of a many talented teachers – and be part of a wonderful article about letting go! Be sure to check it out here. We are in the midsts of trying to finish the book, Waking up in 5D – and keep running in to obstacles and interruptions! Yet – here I was, writing about letting go of the need to control! I’m at your service – still working on it. Check it out.

Free Meditations 2 this month – an oldie and a newbie!

I’ve HAVE scheduled a repeat of last year’s popular New Year’s resolutions – and a piece I found in my files, hand written by me, but may have been from a talk I listened to – all available on download – for you – to get for free. Pick up the Higher Self Countdown – right away – and then come back on Dec. 23 for the New Year’s incentive to change your life! Thanks for listening! Happy Holidays.

Letting Go of Anything CD and Download →

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