More from the Dragons

Today I pre-recorded “The Practical Mystic” my radio show on Radio about becoming fifth dimensional also included a discussion  about the dragons. I’m happy to report and tell my stories about the Dragons. I encourage you to share as well. There is a new variety of dragons that have come to the earth – to assist with our ascension. Some say they were mythological creatures, but I doubt it, since there are so many artistic renderings of them, finding their way into our museums. They were revered and tamed. Today, the dragons have returned to humanity to help them find their true authentic selves.

Dragon and Crown
Dragon with Initial E, with a crown.

Dragons are not reptilian – as they are warm blooded, nurture their young, and actually keep their young’s eggs warm (so I’m told.)

In the East they have never stopped revering dragons and there are many stories of dragons educating humans and helping them bring order and understanding to the world.

Consider asking your dragons to tell you their name, or show themselves to you. I told a story on the air of a chiropractor friend of mine, from Jamaica who was having dark times. He was sad and worried. I told him to sit quietly and close his eyes. Ask for his dragon to appear, and ask his dragon’s name. When I returned to the room, he was crying. He said, he saw this beautiful pearlescent white dragon and was told his name. I cautioned him not to share the dragon’s name with anyone. The gift of the dragon’s name is that you may call him or her into service! Please be respectful, as they are modern, free will helpers on our planet.

Ask – don’t take my word for it. Then tell me what you find!

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