Happy Father’s Day & Waking Up in 5D Update

As I wind up the edits and chapters on Waking up in 5D, I want to thank all of you who have waited so patiently for this book. The book has a life of its own – pushing and pulling me through many twists and turns. I’m honored to be a conduit for this powerful information that will help each and every one of you land in 5D more often because you are exercising your will to do this!

What have I been doing?

Over six months ago I was asked to donate a workshop as a fund-raiser for a nonprofit organization. I sit on their board. The Association for Research and Enlightenment, or the Edgar Cayce Center of New York is dear to me because the beginning of my personal exploration into spirituality came thru the Search for God study group. They asked me to present a workshop on my new book, Waking up in 5D. We all thought it should be done by now, but it was not. Never the less, the show must go on – as they say.

First live 5D Workshop – in NYC

The presentation was magical. The room was packed like sardines – initially making folks uncomfortable – then relaxing in the good company. The program highlighted the many aspects of the book that help you anchor yourself in 5D. What is 5D? It is where humanity is headed. Your experiences where everything went well, interactions were harmonious and loving and all felt blissful, happy and inspired – that’s 5D. It a vibratory zone that carries with it the God full consciousness, and it’s available to all who choose to embrace this now. It’s our new normal.

Edgar Cayce Event

We raised over $2500 for this event. Thank you all who attended, added a donation to this event, and helped us make this a success for our esoteric center, a place of light and learning in New York City. One person said, “The reason you aren’t finished with the book, I was told in the meditation you letd, was because you don’t have all the information yet!” Stay tuned for updates on the book!

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