Ascension Flame Energy

In a remarkable aha tonight – I realized how prevalent the Ascension Flame Energy is! I used to call it the Red-Gold Energy because that’s what describes it, and I even wrote a post that way. Yet today I read my friend and fellow light worker teacher, Trish Regan’s post about her upcoming Mt. Shasta workshop – and realized one of the initiations in her program is something that I have received and can pass along to you.

First let me recommend Trish and her amazing workshop, Shasta Reunion. She and I have co-led workshops before, and  I know first hand, she has the rare gift of helping you find yourself, your inner joy and your true self. On her recent announcement – there are only 2 spots left, she shared information about the Whale initiation, and that the whales call the energy that shows up, the Ascension Flame!

You can find more information on it below, I was then reminded that I too was given this gift and I now realize how very important this is, and repost it below for your view.

Now look at the cover of Realities of Creation, that is featured on our home page. It’s the same.

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