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Announcing Divine Government Meditation

Light - at the end of a tunnel
Light – at the end of a tunnel

We are at at the dawn of a new era. We are learning from one another, and today is no different. I’m horrified at the turn of events in the past few days, and the attempt to divide the American people by color. It is an outrage.

We need leaders who will insist that the sanctity of life is all that matters. There are MANY you Tube videos by people who have chronicled other nations’s resistance, challenging the notion that power flows from a barrel of a gun.

I’ve been working on this new guided meditation for months, and we finally scheduled it’s release today. Hard for me to imagine that we would need it so badly. Here’s my gift, today. Please use it and encourage your family and friends to use it.

The six minute prayer actually demands our sovereignty and claims divine intervention. It’s one tool. I recommend you use it, daily.  Another tool, is education, and for that I turn to the ted talks. Here’s a couple of really inspiring ones.\

I love you.


Here’s some (of the many) of the great Ted Talks that help us understand that we DO have a choice, and to use Einstein’s wisdom. We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.  We are going to solve our problems by new thinking, new mastery and prayer.

The success of Non-Violent Resistance

Pay Attention to Non Violence

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