Manifest the Life You Want: An interview with Maureen St. Germain by Sofia Karin Axelsson

Sofia: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today, Maureen.

Maureen: Thank you.

Sofia: The title of your book Be a Genie: Create Love, Success and Happiness is intriguing. How did the title come about?

Maureen: Years ago, I knew I was going to write a book, but I didn’t know what the book was going to be called. I actually did a future type meditation, where I was being interviewed, and in that future interview I heard myself call it “Genie in a Bottle.” Then it was many years’ worth of metamorphoses before it was published. I was talking to a gentleman who runs a company that does software to read books and he had an energetic experience when I walked up to his booth at a book-expo, and he said, “Why don’t you make it short and sweet ‘Be a Genie,’” and that’s what I did.

Sofia: Wonderful. It’s a good reminder that you can see part of the future, and then you get the rest in real life, right?

Maureen: Yes, absolutely.

Sofia: To manifest change in our lives is difficult for anyone. You seem to say that anyone can do this. Could you elaborate on what you mean by this.

Maureen: I don’t necessarily agree that it’s difficult for anyone. I rather start with that it’s all about a mind-set. People seek what is familiar, because they are lonesome and they miss God, so they seek what is familiar because they think that that will ease their uncomfortable feeling. Once we recognize this piece of information to deal with the intellect, we can step into a place where we realize that change is the equivalent of God, that which we came to do. We came to experience reality, and we don’t have to replicate the same things that we always have.

Sofia: What are the main obstacles for most people to manifest the lives they want?

Maureen: The main obstacle I observe is self-sabotage. Because this is such a common problem for people, I work with giving people a work around which allows the subconscious to find a solution. We are taught that time is linear, but this is not true. I urge people to go into the future and see the outcome. Then I went a bit further and asked people to experience what it would be like after they had gotten the result they wanted. The benefit of this is that the intellect can’t understand how the result can come about. This way you get rid of the mind’s attachment to why things are not possible. You don’t have to worry about how. You can just relax into having, and the how will solve itself.

Sofia: Why is it important to understand the scientific basis – such as quantum mechanics and chaos theory – to be successful with creative manifestation?

Maureen: It goes back to our training to have a linear thinking. We believe that linear thinking is the ruler of our life, and it is not. This tendency produces limitations. So when you open your mind to discover that reality is more than linear, when you understand that these dynamics (quantum physics) work, that helps people realize that there are many factors and that the outcome doesn’t have to be a simple cause and effect, but that there are many other possibilities.

Sofia: What is Maureen’s Manifestation Matrix?

Maureen: It’s a simple ritual that you do at your altar. Your altar can be anything that you created that looks sacred to you. If you do not have a space like this, it can even be a place within your heart. You go to this space, and intend, with great passion, something that you want to accomplish. You phrase thankfulness for this as if it has already happened, that all things worked out – money, childcare, or whatever you need to make this happen, and you accept however that this is going to come into your life, if it is in your divine will, in your highest good. The Universe provides, if we can allow ourselves to receive.

Sofia: You use the word miracle many times in your book, and in your classes. What is a miracle for you?

Maureen: It’s an outcome that comes from your expectations.

Sofia: No more, no less. I like that. What miracle would you mostly wish for people in the world today?

Maureen: That they find happiness, and that they let go of past hurts and wounds.

Sofia: Beautiful. Do you have any closing words from what we have talked about that you do not want our readers to miss out on?

Maureen: Yes. The fastest way you can change your reality, is to do a tiny little prayer that I highly recommend. It goes like this: “I’m asking for a day of heaven on earth, for me, and everyone I come in contact with.” This literally helps us to be our best selves, and everyone we meet, get to be their best selves.

Sofia: Thank you so much, Maureen.

Article in The Echo World January issue, vol.21, no.1

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