Maureen St. Germain founded Transformational Enterprises, Inc. in 1994. Today, through TEI, she provides consultations, workshops, training, spiritual tours, books, guided meditation CDs and related materials. Personally trained by Drunvalo Melchizedek in 1995, Maureen is certified as a facilitator of Flower of Life Workshops.

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AroMandalas® Essential Oil Blends – Combining three spiritual and healing traditions used around the globe since ancient times, we offer a new line of essential oil blends named AroMandalas. Their specific purpose is in awakening deep emotional and spiritual memories to enhance a meditation practice, and they will also work to heal you and our planet! Offered exclusively through Transformational Enterprises, Inc.

Download an informational flyer for all CD Companion Blends: AroMandalas CD Flyer (PDF)

Download a guide to the emotional healing and higher consciousness created with AroMandalas: AroMandalas Healing Guide (PDF)

Guided Meditation CDs by Maureen St. Germain – All Meditation CDs were developed to assist your evolution on the planet. You will find Maureen’s beautiful voice and soothing background music the perfect complement to your prayers. Each meditation has its own special purpose. Maureen was guided through experiences gained from hundreds of her workshops for each specific meditation. She loves creating these tools making it easy for anyone to add individual prayers and intentions.

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