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Elles Taddeo
Atlanta, GA

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Meet Elles


As the Pragmatic Esoteric, Elles Taddeo likes to see herself as a “down-to-earth esoteric” with a practical attitude towards higher dimensions. She believes that it is best to have your feet in our physical, 3D existence, and your head and heart in the 5th dimension. The best of all worlds!

Elles’ own guided spiritual path started with the birth of her son who arrived with breathing problems and was later diagnosed with autism. She was in a Master of Counseling Psychology program at the time of her son’s birth. After a short leave of absence she was able to complete her degree.

Looking for alternative ways to help her son be as healthy as possible, she later enrolled in Naturopathic College. Following her spiritual guidance, two years later she opted to discontinue her schooling so she could home school her son. This led to an interest in educating children who learn differently from the norm.

After receiving her Doctorate in education, she decided to blend her spiritual side with what she had learned about counseling and education and became an educational therapist, working with what were considered “problem children”.  She felt that these children, including her own son, were old souls who had come to this dimension to teach and show the way.

Elles’ guidance taught her that these souls are incarnating into the physical dimension, still completely submerged in the 5th dimension and higher. As a consequence, they need instruction in the “rules of the game” that is played in 3D existence.

Many of these children need to learn what to do with the physical body they suddenly have, or learn how to use their mouth to communicate rather than rely on communication by thought. In other words, they need to learn how to plant their feet into a 3D existence while, at the same time maintaining their heart connection in 5D.

Even though Elles was familiar with the concept of the Akashic Records it was during her own private session that the Guides told her that her subconscious guilt about feeling she was not doing enough for her son, was the result of a previous lifetime. They gave Elles permission to rewrite the guilt-producing part of that lifetime, and once she did that, Elles’ present life changed dramatically.

She now recognizes that her son’s brain is wired differently, and therefor he seems to operate on other levels than regular 3D existence. It is counter-productive to try and mold him into societal norms. He is now in his late thirties, lives with Elles, and is still her greatest teacher.

The third time Elles received an Akashic Record reading, she asked the Guides if she would be able to learn this “stuff” herself, and the message came through, loud and clear, Yes!

The Guidance from the Universe followed a week later in the form of an online training workshop offered by Maureen St. Germain. The Akashic Records training seemed to be a logical continuation of Elles’ Kabala and Tarot training, as well as her Theosophical and Rosicrucian schooling, plus the principles of the Unity church.

Everything from the first training till the final Akashic Records Guide Certification fell into place seamlessly. This further confirmed for Elles that this is the right thing to do at this point in her life. On Elles’ quest for deeper understanding she discovered that life has at least two sides; a good and a bad side / a beautiful and an ugly side; and it is our choice which one we focus on. This has become the compass of her life.

When channeling the Akashic Records Guides, Elles often receives energetic downloads to help her clients dissolve contracts from their present life or a previous lifetime that no longer serve them. These downloads are filled with love energy, and often help the client forgive, and discard the outdated contract.

Elles especially enjoys the loving, forgiving, non-judgmental, sense of humor the Guides convey in all their messages. Clients experience it in the answers they receive, and feel happy and relaxed after a reading. And Elles receives the wonderful “side effects” of feeling the love and joy the Guides transmit.

Elles does an entity/energy clearing on herself before each reading. Furthermore, and maybe even more importantly, she does a remote energy clearing for the client. This removes potential blocks for the client.

Such energies and entities are intruders who are not allowed to be there, so it is acceptable to do the clearing without asking for permission. These pre-reading clearings open the doorway for the client to hear and receive the advice of their Guides.

When Elles reflects back across her life, she recognizes the solid guidance she has received in all the major decisions in her life. These loving beings from higher planes – angels, guides, and teachers – provide her with opportunities and learning experiences. Elles now shares guided Akashic Record sessions so others may receive similar insights into their own life’s journey.

What People Are Saying

Thank you so much for the reading …  Loved it !
– Lisa, UK

The Akashic reading I had with Elles was just what was required by me at the time I received it. I had a lot of questions that I had random answers for and those were confirmed by Elles. I found Elles to be easy to communicate with, kind, and really compassionate whilst sharing sensitive information. If you have any areas of your life that keep tripping you up, a reading with Elles might be just what you require. The answers and confirmation she shared with me has put me at ease with so many areas of my life the way forward is clearer.
– Claudia, UK

Thank you so much for doing the Akashic Reading for me.  I felt safe, informed, affirmed and delighted with support from my spirit guides for the future.  My first question was about my codependent relationship with alcoholics.  Turns out It was a contract I had with two husbands.  The guides performed a contract cutting ceremony.  What a relief that I can move on to more joyful relationships. I don’t need to fix anything or anyone anymore.

I am free of guilt and fear.  My spirit guides encouraged me to live my joy and look into my heart. They told me JOY equals LOVE.  The one I do have to look after is MYSELF.  It’s time to love myself.  I can go inside for guidance to my higher self.  I will be led to whatever I need.  It is my birthright to possess all I desire.  

It was a lovely way to spend an hour, to affirm what is my job and what others can resolve with their relationships without me.  

Blessings on your work.  You delivered the information in a very clear and pleasant manner.  I look forward to another reading and I shared the information with my daughter.
– Sharon, Chicago, IL

I truly loved my akashic records reading you did for me.
– Darlene, Atlanta, GA

The reason I work with readers, in particular, those trained to read the Akashic Records, is to accelerate my personal and spiritual growth. Although fun and pleasant, for me it’s not a form of entertainment, instead it’s an unconventional way to access information that I’d classify as spiritual psychology. I’m interested in receiving insights that remind me of my highest potential and to learn how I can navigate inner and outer obstacles.

As an interpreter of the material that comes through her, Elles is a sage – calm, wise, loving, and completely non-judgmental, just like the Record Keepers themselves. When you speak to readers about personal topics that are usually reserved for traditional therapy, which this is not, an exceptionally high degree of ethics is necessary to be a trusted vessel for deeply vulnerable material.

Elles’s readings are wonderfully high quality because she is trustworthy, ethical, and sensitive, all the ingredients necessary for shifts and healing to take place at whatever your level of readiness for transformation is.
– Jacqueline D, Los Angeles, CA

It made quite an impact on me and I’m still peeling back layers as to what was said. In particular, the portion where we looked at past lives with my sister and I, and the links and bonds that are still present there.

I also felt like things that were told to me, I already felt a strong knowing that that was the case, and that hearing it confirmed my instinct. It has given me confidence to trust my instinct and pursue what I sense to be right for me and not be influenced by outside forces telling me otherwise. All in all, it was a wonderfully insightful and healing reading, I’m so glad I did.

Thank you!
– Sophie, Brooklyn, NY

Thank you so much for the recording. It was wonderful to be able to go back and listen again. The reading really helped me put some things in perspective. I can see now that things that have transpired in my life were by design to allow my soul the opportunity to grow. All is as it should be. The reading was a very good investment, thank you so very much.

In Gratitude,
– Autumn, Dandridge, TN

I really appreciated the way in which the reading was conducted. I had a lot of questions and because of your quick and genuine ability to relay the messages, I felt not only validated on what I was expressing, I also received a deeper level of sincere recognition and guidance from the record keepers.

Your authenticity and willingness to be such a clear medium of higher communication is greatly appreciated. I am so grateful to have had you be my connecting bridge.

Love, a grateful old soul
– Angela, Tampa, FL

Following your AR reading yesterday, I felt a deep sense of calm and clarity, like my soul was finally validated. The reading was profound with a light-hearted delivery, freeing me from much of the emotional and energetic weight that has bound me over many lifetimes.

Like the mentor I have always wished for, the reading provided caring and focused guidance for my soul’s evolution. I am grateful to you for conveying the wisdom of the Akashic Records and will be sure to connect with you again as I actively work on tuning into my higher self and developing a 5D mindset.

With love and light,
– Amanda, Ontario, Canada

Elles conveyed the message beautifully and answered all of my questions. I came away feeling reassured that I am on the right path and I would definitely recommend her, and I would use her again.
– Kayleigh, London, UK

My experience (of the reading) was wonderful. You were perfect, despite the slight technical difficulties, perhaps on my end. I cried a lot because I noticed key words being used that had meaning for me and a lot of it made sense. I do look forward to booking another session, but my most important questions were answered. Thank you so much!
– Dori, New York, NY

Dear Elles, Thank you for the opportunity to receive a Akashic Record reading through you. I appreciate the clarity and wisdom that was released from our session for my soul’s journey. May unceasing blessings be with you for the service you are providing for all humanity.
– William T, Stockbridge, GA

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