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Terri Young
Iron Ridge, WI

$150 for a 50-Minute Session

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Terri Young has been a lifelong seeker. Never satisfied to be “like” everyone else, there were always more books to read and more to learn.

In the early eighties, Terri and a business partner opened an Angel Figurine store in a tiny village and called it “On the Wings of Angels”. Even though they were miles from anywhere, they were successful.

The Angels have guided her to see “Angel Auras” around people. Would you like to know what your Angel-Wings look like?

Terri’s life has been an interesting journey. In 2011, she re-connected with Maureen St. Germain and that meeting catapulted her into the Akashic Records Reading classes. She is excited about how awesome it feels to capstone a life-long journey with this excellent experience.

Terri has now found a spaciousness and peacefulness in the Records that she has never found before. She would be pleased to help you find your own loving guidance from the Record Keepers.

Terri became a ARI Certified Guide in 2012 and will give readings by Skype or phone. She provides readings from the Milwaukee/Madison, WI area. Terri is certified to teach all to open their own Akashic records.

What People Are Saying

“Recently, at a crossroads about a physically debilitating situation where I could “see” an energetic sword entering me, Terri (through the Record Keepers) told us (to pretend) to “pull the sword out!” The next time I was in pain, we did exactly that and the pain instantly stopped! This work in the Akashic Records is amazing.”