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Do You Need Clarity, Direction or Healing in Your Life?

Akashic Records are the recording of every thought, word and deed of your life throughout time.

Akashic Records Guides will provide readings from your Book of Life.

The loving, healing energy of the Akashic Records is a profound tool for self-exploration and empowerment. Access the wisdom of your own Record Keepers who can guide you and provide you with insights, direction and more.

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Who are the Akashic Records Guides?

In 2009, Maureen St. Germain founded Akashic Records International (ARI). Through the ARI Certification program, Akashic Records Guides must complete a series of clearly defined training requirements. These requirements include advanced training classes, reading various books about integrity and answering personally for their own integrity, learning the MerKaBa Meditation, developing and practicing their Higher Self contact, being trained in clearing work and more. They have learned to access the records from the plane of non-duality. In addition, they are required to provide feedback on their “trial” readings. Finally, they are evaluated by staff and an assessment is drawn to ascertain that they are clearly in the Akashic Records providing useful and accurate information.

Why should you use the Akashic Records Guides of ARI?

Our guides are well trained, work together, and are readily available to provide you with wonderful accurate readings.   Since Maureen’s availability is limited, their schedules might make it more timely and convenient for you to schedule your appointment. As more Guides are certified, they will be in cities all over the USA and Canada and you might find one in your city now! Read more about each of the guides here.  Each has been personally trained and certified by Maureen.

Maureen St. Germain

I am proud of each and every one of these talented and capable Guides. I encourage you to read about them and sense who is most suitable for you. Although I may lose you as my personal customer, I’m certain that you will thank me for this!

Maureen St. Germain


Learn More about Akashic Records Guides

Akashic Records Guides Website

Our own Akashic Records Guides are trained and certified by Akashic Records International (ARI).  They work together and are ready and able to serve you to go into the Akashic Records, providing an opportunity for you to hear, learn and grow with the information they bring through. Each of the Guides has completed extensive training and have been certified by ARI.

Consider an Akashic Records Reading with an Akashic Records Guide. A reading from one of our Guides will be powerful, enlightening, cleansing and inspiring.  Click here to learn more and meet the ARI Guides!

Are YOU one of our future guides?

Maybe YOU would like to be a Guide into the Akashic Records. Have you wanted to learn to open your own records or for others? We invite you to join our ranks. We are like you, ordinary people who care deeply about serving each other and humanity. We support one another in our work.

Contact us to inquire about becoming an ARI Guide, or consider attending one of our Akashic Records Workshops.