Answer Your Questions for Akashic Records and Change Your Life

Digging deep for answers about your life’s journey may be daunting for many people. Certainly, you can research just about any topic on the internet, but when it comes to valuable guidance to resolve patterns in your life, one possible solution is to seek insight from the answers to the akashic records reading questions that may already lie deep within your soul but have yet to be tapped.

This opportunity to enrich your life and provide newfound opportunities for inner growth are possible with the support of internationally recognized mystic Maureen St. Germain and her professional team of Certified Guides. They can start you on a soul-searching journey to answer many of your questions for akashic records. Think of this metaphysical tool as a living library of information just waiting to be explored. It’s a vast repository of your soul’s personal journey—past, present and future.

Mentioned many times in Sacred Texts, the akashic records are called the Book of Life (by Edgar Cayce and others) and houses the spiritual understanding that you may be seeking. Our experienced recordkeepers access this knowledge to help you understand the environment that exists outside of our conventional three-dimensional world. With their help, you will learn how to use your free will to choose new paths in life and open up new possibilities you hadn’t previously considered. By seeing probable futures, you’ll know how to make the best decisions for yourself, your family and friends.

Some people think that akashic records readings questions must all be vast and profound. Some participants may not be sure what to ask. You needn’t worry. You can formulate your own inquiries or we can provide a list of many helpful ideas to ask about. Sure, you can explore the big issues—life, death, relationships, purpose, fears, education. But you can also ask the practical and the small, for example: ‘I am planning a trip. What may I know about my trip that is helpful?’ Or, ‘Why does this book seem important to me?’ Or, ‘I feel like I am held back from my fitness and health…why?’

No inquiries are too big or too little. This repository of information is available to everyone. All you need is genuine interest and desire and the conviction to want to learn ancient meditation techniques that will help you reach the 5-D realm where this library exists. You can learn to access your own Akashic Records or work with our trained and certified facilitators and experience for yourself the clarity of thought that exists on the other side of 3-D.

In a comfortable setting, with soft prayer and a calming presence, our Certified Guides will handle your session with love, patience and all good intentions for your soul’s growth and well-being. Don’t be intimidated by asking questions for akashic records. You can also use our sample topics. Come to an amazing session—now offered virtually and also available on DVD—with all of your heart’s curiosity. Contact Maureen St. Germain and let her open up endless possibilities for your transformation.

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