Golden Time of the Golden Age


The Goddess of Liberty has approached us asking us to do “The Golden Time” meditation every Wednesday at 7 PM, local time beginning today, December 2nd, and continue for 7 weeks.  She mentioned this time period is very critical and encourages everyone to join at the time. She will be there to support the White House.

如果您想加入莫琳(Maureen),她将在每个星期三(美国东部标准时间)直到1月13日(美国东部时间)晚上7点在Facebook Live上带领冥想。 在这里在她的Facebook上加入她:


I just noticed that in my December posts for the past few years, I have given you more and more information about time and how to work with time! As we approach year’s end, it’s time to do this again. I am amazed myself, because I did not plan it this way, it was “guidance.” For this year’s post, I want you to rearrange your belief about time. It may be that we start to re-evaluate our connection with time as well. I suggest you review the earlier blog posts, about time as you may find you understand it more this year. You may search my site for “time” and the old posts will come up. One post is of a radio show that I used to do. Apparently, my radio shows have disappeared from the web and I honestly do not remember what was said, in case you go looking for that!!

I wish to revisit a statement from the Lords of Time, regarding how time is a construct.

They said:

The time space matrix is a flat plane however fluid. It follows the terrain of the situation and circumstances and can be bent and molded. Furthermore, you can sweep your debris or other unwanted experiences out of consciousness by simply folding time. Your first exercise goes back to an instruction that you have received some time ago that you must create in your mind and in 3D if you wish, a matrix that produces a finished (project) that is already successful.

What is not commonly known is that those who are not of the light MAY NOT, CANNOT create. This is because they deny their connection to Source! Their denial prevents them from being a creator like Source. They can copy, replicate, duplicate and so on, but they cannot create. This is why you will find the “accusers” among you pulling from their playbook and accusing you of 他们的 behavior! They have trouble creating anything…even lies!

Take for example a recent client of mine whose husband kept accusing her of cheating. He’s extremely jealous – or so it seems – yet it gets discovered that he was the only one cheating! It is a form of mind control and bullying. This mis-appropriation of information is going on all around us.

Yes, but how do we know about this and stay in 5D?

That is where this month’s free meditation comes in. We take you to the “Golden Time” which is the Great Golden Age that we have heard about, sages have promised it, and every once in a while, we experience it in a meditation or journey.

First, we must recognize that we have multiple timelines that we are “playing in.” Accept that as a very real possibility.  Every choice we make is one of five possible choices. If you are reading this, you are not likely to pick the two choices that would take you away from God. The remaining three choices will take you along towards your soul’s journey to ascension or your fifth dimensional self. The top choice is your ideal, and usually comes to you through your 更高的自我连接. (You can learn how to access your Higher Self through my 与更高的自我联系 audio workshop) Use this tool to help you make decisions. That’s your first and primary use of the Higher Self Connection.

Next, with an active Higher Self Connection, you can ask about future actions for you to take. Do not waste time and energy worrying or wondering about what others will do, simply focus on choices you must make. For example, “Is it in my highest and best good to attend this upcoming course taught by this (specific named) teacher?” Maybe you will be told no. Does this mean it’s a bad course? Not necessarily. Why didn’t you ask that question? (Good or bad.) You don’t need to know if it is good or bad, you need to know if it is worthy of you participating! Maybe the course IS worthless. What if you will meet someone important to you and your life in that classroom? By asking about what action you will take, you keep yourself on the highest possible course, the highest choice available and your most evolved timeline.

Now, what has this got to do with time? Since you have more than one timeline, based on the “possible choices” you have considered, hopefully by now you are in the habit of asking your Higher Self, which of my choices is the highest one? If it’s in the future, we would not know. How will you know what that timeline is? Actually, we don’t. BUT we have given it a name, “The Great Golden Age.” This name evokes understanding of unlimited possibilities with the absence of difficulty, wrongdoing, harm or hatred. How can we imagine that?

We start with a belief that the Great Golden Age, that has been talked about for centuries, is a reality. Since time is a construct, it is already in existence. We just have to tune to it!

One example is to think of paint colors. All colors do not exist. When Martha Stewart, the American retail businesswoman, was working on earth-tones from nature for a project, she noticed that certain colors just didn’t exist from any paint company and collaborated with a paint company to create them for her!

You can co-create with this guided meditation to connect with the Golden Time. You won’t know exactly what that will look like, but you CAN imagine how you will feel about it! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get creating. Let’s create from within the Golden Time!


Golden Time &


Golden Time

The Golden time will help humanity co-create with Source to produce the great golden age. We know that the only time is the one we can experience, so this meditation will take you through an experience where you will connect viscerally with the Golden Age of humanity, and plug into the timeline there. You then create from that place, an incredibly powerful timeline of peace, joy, humanity and love.
This 20 minute meditation will guide you through the process, and allow you to invite family and friends into the golden age timeline!


你感到沮丧吗? 你跳疯了吗? 您是否感到自己不受控制,“存在的权力”在法律之上还是在你之上? 您是否觉得当您坚持自己的高标准时,领导者可能会粗心大意,违反法律并凌驾于法律之上? 最近,功能强大的标准似乎更低,而不是我们想要的更高。 但是我们可以改变这一点。 和我一起进行为时6分钟的冥想–帮助我们的领导者无可非议,您终于可以在此方面做一些扎实的事情。


几年前,我受到帕特里夏·黛安·科塔·罗布尔斯神圣政府的沉思启发。 我使用我所了解的有关显现,天使和创造我们想要的现实的一切知识来评分和记录我的版本。

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