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– Maureen St.Germain

Golden Bowl Meditation

When you learn a new language, you start with simple words and phrases and then build up. You practice with other speakers of the desired language. In accessing and turning on your special skill set you can access the “Golden Bowl” of the sinuses and proactively access these hidden powers. Little by little, with using the guided meditation you can increase your capacity and use of these latent skills. Once you learn the meditation, you can do it on your own, without guidance. However, I always prefer the benefit of being led through a meditation, so that I can relax into the experience, and allow information to flow through me.

It is important to understand and respect this information. Casual use will not produce the results desired, so be patient and persistent with yourself and very quickly [A1] you will [A2] become aware that you know and notice far more than you used to!

Also, contained within the air and gases we breathe are the messages that a highly cleansed body has the ability to interpret. Do your part and eat healthy, keeping your mind and body clean.

What some refer to as psychic talents I refer to as the “new normal” where you can intuit easily, see, hear and feel experiences that used to be called psychic. The new normal is that everyone is psychic, it is just a matter of when they access and turn on this capacity. What are these gifts? You see things that others miss. You “know” what’s going on in situations without anyone telling you. In fact, people notice that you have this ability and without even realizing it they come to you for answers because they can tell you “know.”

The Gold Bowl of the sinuses may have been used on higher planes of existence. However, it is now more readily available as humans evolve and become more spiritual. This work is not tied to any religion or spiritual practice. It is simply a tool to allow you to gain a greater insight into the workings of your life and the lives of individuals around you.