Higher Self Connection

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What if you could “Check in” always knowing the best, or the most evolved way to handle a situation?

  • What if you could “Check in” and know what you needed to know in an instant?
  • What if you could “Check in” on demand – to find out simple answers – and complex ones?
  • What if you could “Check in” when you are scared or frightened and not sure what to do?
  • What if you could “Check in” to find out what your next step is?
  • What if you could “Check in” to know what you needed to do to help someone?

Maureen explains the course:


“Thank you Maureen, for sharing your Higher Self technique with the world. How different, how conscious the entire world would be, if all learned to communicate with their Higher Self.”
~ Barbara Becker

“This is the perfect way to study and one of the most excellent ways you find to connect to the Higher Self Connection that provides you with an amazing experience that you can do via online only.”


Your Higher Self – is your true, “Check in” partner.

Learn this! Take our 4-week Course on Higher Self Connection Your Higher Self could be your New Best friend! Your Higher Self knows all about you – and everything that you care about – and it’s fully plugged into God – so it knows what will move you closer to God!

When you were born you deliberately placed a barrier between you in your physical body and who you really are in order to move your consciousness into physical matter. Once there, it is very likely that you will forget who you really are. The goal then is to re-connect you to yourself and become an enlightened being. You are not likely to do this instantly. You are moving through it slowly. You will maintain your awareness in the physical form, while bringing in more of your Divine Self. If you brought in all of your divinity at once, you would not be able to maintain your presence in your body; you would pop out of the physical dimension. As you become more adapted and aware, allowing for integration more and more of your Higher Self, then becoming the Higher Self is easily accomplished while maintaining your presence in the physical.


Your Higher Self is waiting for you – but won’t open the door first! Why? Find out more in the class.

How is the Higher Self different from intuition and Angels and Guides. Find out how! Your Angels and guides want you to have a higher self connection!

Why, because they are there to assist your ascension – but your Higher Self is your fifth dimensional self.

When you become connected to your Higher Self, you BECOME YOUR HIGHER SELF.

Once you do that you have many benefits kick in:

  • You always know what you need to know – usually before you need to know it.
  • You have a resource in the physical world – to help you run your life, and deal with situations
  • You have the ability to become fifth dimensional simply by inviting your Higher Self to express through you.



Your Higher self isn’t the boss of you.
Why not? Find out more in the class

It’s a choice, always a choice! — What will your choice be?


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In this class

  • You’ll learn: What Is The Higher Self?
  • You’ll learn: What Is The Higher Self Connection?
  • You’ll learn how to activate your Higher Self connection.
  • You’ll learn how to keep your Higher Self connection.
  • You’ll learn how to use your Higher Self connection.

This four part course consists of 4 weekly emails coming directly from us. It starts with you deciding it’s time.

You’ll get a lesson every week, along with guided meditations and check lists to practice with.

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