What You Will Learn this week

  • You will learn what the Higher Self is and is not
  • You will experience the first steps to accessing your Higher Self
  • You will begin to develop confidence in your Higher Self connection
  • You will learn how to tell the difference between the Higher Self and lower self
  • You will use the first guided meditation for Higher Self connection (Be Sure to pick up the downloads at the bottom of this page!)

Reminder: Please make sure you have completed the Hathor chant for one whole session of 264 repetitions, it will take you about 40 minutes. Hopefully, you have had an incredible experience.

If you do this with your friends remind them some very interesting things can happen. They may feel the Hathors messing with their hair, placing something in their outstretched hands or the body becomes unmovable. If this happens to you do not worry, It means that Hathors are working with the physical body and have stabilized it so they can work on the pranic tube. Nice. (This paragraph is deliberately repeated from last week’s lesson here.)

Keep doing the Hathor chant if you are called to do it. One of my students sang along with this chant daily for over a year. It changed her life, clearing her, her field and her path to the work she always wanted to do. I sang it daily for about 4 years with dramatic results.

What is going on with the Pranic Tube and The Four Lower Bodies

There are four lower bodies. They are the physical body, mental body (the mind), emotional body (the emotions), and etheric body (the blueprint). The etheric body is part of the body not yet in manifest form. It is your first link to your Higher Self and is comprised of energy that is in touch with all that is.

Our physical body gives us permission to be in the manifest form. The physical presence is the result of what we did as an etheric being when we moved into agreement to embody. The physical body is the expression of the agreement to “learn our lessons or expand the data base” or “where we get to create in matter.”

What Is The Higher Self?

The Higher Self is you. It is a version of you that is fully connected to God. Imagine for a moment that your Higher Self is like a circuit board that has unlimited potential. Meanwhile, you with your Third Dimensional expression, have a very limited circuit board. If you put too much voltage through the circuit you can burn it out.

You can try to go directly to God, but because of your circuit board’s limitation, your connection to God is restricted by who you are in the physical body. There are individuals who are capable of Higher Connections due to huge traumas they experienced in childhood that caused them to create work-around connections. These are not authentic connections, and they eventually must go through the heart in order to build their God connection authentically. If they do not, they will not achieve full integration of the four lower bodies. Your goal is to use your heart to expand your capacity. As you expand your heart through the many practices offered in this course, you will discover your capacity to know and express your love of God increases dramatically.

The Higher Self is already fully connected to God. The Higher Self is that part of YOU that is fully aware of himself (or herself) as you and as God. Some call the Higher Self the mediator, but even that implies separateness, which actually isn’t true. Your first goal is to communicate with your Higher Self. The next goal is to move your Higher Self presence into your physical body. Then you will be the walking ascended being! There is more after this.

Imagine that you know someone who has direct Internet access. Every time you are on their computer, you have direct access. That direct access is easy and fast. You could use a slower connection, but once you have direct access (i.e. your Higher Self) you wouldn’t want to go back to slower, and you don’t have to.

The purpose of this section is to help you identify your Higher Self, work with developing your communication, and learn to get direct access to God through your Higher Self.

What Is The Higher Self Connection?

The Higher Self connection is something you build with a specific practice, that if done with diligence will not fail you in your time of need. Ultimately this is the first step you are seeking. As far as I’m concerned after the opening of the heart in your first lesson, this is the most important part of this training.

After you have established direct communication with your Higher Self, you will be able to integrate more of your Higher Self into your physical form. This is the goal of Ascension. The goal of Ascension is to bring more of your God-self into physical form. When you do this, you are claiming your roots. You are claiming your heritage and can then become the Divine being that you already are.

What’s Stopping Me?

When you were born you deliberately placed a barrier between you in your physical body and who you really are in order to move your consciousness into physical matter. Once there, it is very likely that you will forget who you really are.

The goal then is to re-connect you to yourself and become an enlightened being. You are not likely to do this instantly. You are moving through it slowly. You will maintain your awareness in the physical form, while bringing in more of your Divine Self.

If you brought in all of your divinity at once, you would not be able to maintain your presence in your body; you would pop out of the physical dimension!

In your case, as you become more adapted and aware, allowing for integration of more and more of your Higher Self, then becoming the Higher Self is easily accomplished while maintaining your presence in the physical.

Connecting with your Higher Self is just like your developing a friendship with the shopkeepers at a specialty store that you frequent. They will anticipate your tastes and interests and will offer to you things that you might like. In a similar fashion, your Higher Self will begin to offer you information that you didn’t even know you needed. This is just wonderful. Once you have developed your Higher Self connection to this new level, your Higher Self will communicate to you with unsolicited information!

You might have a regular television or you may have an HDTV. You are still receiving the same TV show, only now in high definition! The input hasn’t changed, however your viewing experience has improved greatly. Your ability to perceive the information has changed.

You are a special and powerful being. You know who you are, yet at the same time may be afraid to admit it. This does not mean that you are better than anyone else. You are NOT better. You are equal. Your role is unique. Your self-awareness may be larger than another but it does not mean you are more evolved or better than another.

What it does mean is that you are self-aware to a different degree than someone else.

The color red vibrates faster than the color blue. Does that faster vibration make red better than blue? Hardly! You could be part of the way-showers who have arrived for the purpose of going ahead and helping others. If this is true you will be drawn to serve as part of the enlightenment crew. Keep up the good work and you will be helping many others beside yourself!

They Are All Just Extras!

Others who are unlike you may very well be spaceholders for the polarity reality (Third Dimension) so that you can totally see what you are choosing to see. Without them, you would not be able to see what you see. It may also be that when you no longer need to push towards your evolution and become enlightened (someone who is completely connected to their God sense while maintaining a presence in the physical body. Christ, the Buddhas, Mohammad and others achieved this. You can also.) that you will no longer need the others to hold that polarity for you. What if all those others that you are observing are “extras” (in this context is referring the movie industry concept, where there are many people who are hired to fill a space, and represent a group such as townspeople, or an angry mob or something similar) to hold space for you and that they are there just for your benefit?

Lewis and Clark were ordinary men, but they were explorers and way-showers. So are you. Please believe me when I tell you that those of you who are reading this page at this point are at the edge of the cosmos of creation. You are at the end of the reality of creation, which means that you may feel as if you are out there all alone or with relatively few others. Remember though, Lewis and Clark had the full support of the United States government behind them. You have the full support of the Great White Brotherhood (a body of men and women who have ascended, regardless of race, whose sole purpose is to assist mankind and to move creation towards the light) and in fact all of creation behind you.

Some would say that an important person has lead or gone first to deal with all the fears, and surprises, which some may see as difficult. I like to say it is a privilege and honor. Both are correct. Whatever the case, you are up to the challenge. They only send the strong to do this sort of job. There is lots of support from “home” for individuals who choose to do the difficult jobs. If you are reading this, chances are, you are one of the strong, volunteer way-showers. You didn’t come in alone. You have plenty of unseen helpers. You have plenty of support from the Creator. All you need to do is ask for the help you need. Do it daily, since this is a free-will zone and you get a clean slate every day.

Ask For What You Need! Free will requires it!

A military officer sent to the field to do things will not think twice about requisitioning supplies that he needs to get the job done. If you need help and you didn’t ask for help you are missing the element of humility that allows you to ask for and receive help. Please ask for the help you need. The price is right, and believe me when I tell you, the beings of light are here to support you and need you to ask in order for them to fulfill their mission. Remember we are in a free-will zone.

What is required of you is the ability to be fully present in the reality. That is a form of training! Like the protagonist of the popular movie series of the 1990s, James Bond relies on his wits. He also receives plenty of support in terms of getting all the latest information and equipment that enable him to perform heroic feats.

He gets all the glory and credit, even though there is a huge body of research and science behind him that makes many of his tasks possible. He still must apply his personal ingenuity to complete the job. You must be willing to take the first step, to “step up to the plate” as they say in baseball, i.e. to do your work. You must be willing to risk failure to achieve your evolution.

Use this metaphor to know that you can ask for, and are entitled to, all the support required. If you are not getting what you think you need, then ask again, with clear conviction that you submitted the purchase order and that the system (i.e. the Universe) absolutely must fulfill this order!

Bond is able to access what he needs in the moment. And so can you. Once thing is certain, just because your friends and family might not provide a whole lot of positive reinforcement, that doesn’t mean all of Heaven doesn’t care!

All of Heaven is asking you to break through the patterns of your past, your family, your generations, our society, our culture, etc. Not having support from your physical family forces you to gain conviction about what you believe and what you want. This actually helps you define boundaries and claim your power! Support is likely to be there from the Heavenly Hosts because you are at the front of the masses, so to speak.

How Will You Know You Are On Target?

You won’t know. Even though your Higher Self will! You begin to practice and learn that you have to be playful. You have to not care if you’re right or wrong. When a child plays she does not care about winning. It is only when they get older and their emotions and personality start to emerge based on who they are and the feedback they get that they start to care whether they win or lose.

So that way you will know your Higher Self is giving you good information is that you will have synchronicities or events that will be so on target that you will see how accurate your Higher Self really is. Over the course of the six weeks practice you will observe events and synchronicities that will show you just how that fabulously accurate your Higher Self connection can be. You will use your observations to validate that what you are getting from your Higher Self is indeed on target. After your practice period, you can ask your Higher Self to validate anything you want.

What Exactly Is The Higher Self?

The Higher Self is an aspect of YOU that is fully connected to God. As such it is capable of serving as the mediator between you and God. Most of us can only hold a certain percentage of our connection to God while remaining in a physical body. We are all headed towards full integration or enlightenment.

The saints and Masters have achieved a full connection, and so can you. For the moment, please understand that the way to a complete awareness of God (enlightenment) is through your Higher Self. There are many ways to get connected to your Higher Self.

We all have a Higher Self that we can access and use although many of us are not aware of it. How does one connect with the Higher Self? How is that different from just “tuning in” or asking for guidance? Before we begin that, allow me to introduce the lower self. The lower self is like the immature child to your adult ego self and is made up of a number elements.

There is a Lower Self?

Yes, there is a lower self. When I first learned about the Huna (a Hawaiian Spiritual practice among native peoples) teaching, I ignored it. After all, I already had a strong connection with my Higher Self. I really didn’t need to be concerned about a lower self that I really didn’t believe in.

One day there was a man in class who had so much light, he was asked what he did. Turns out, he was a Hawaiian who taught about the Higher Self. The Hawaiians teach about the lower self and the Higher Self. What he said was that the Hawaiians believe that the key to the Higher Self is through the lower self. The lower self is like an immature child compared to the Higher Self. They taught that an entryway to the Higher Self is for you to become like an innocence child to connect with the Higher Self. Hunas use the lower self as a way to get into the Higher Self. This is the Huna teaching. It is one way to connect with your Higher Self. It is not the only way.

I believe this same concept is why some suggest you become like an innocent child to connect with the Higher Self.

I didn’t know anything about the lower self back then either! Through trial and error I learned why it is so important to understand this concept. In my own experience I became aware that my lower self was not only the little girl in me, but much, much more. As you work with this, you must allow yourself to be playful. Decide to “not care” about being right or wrong during your practice period. There is more. This is a start.

The lower self is dedicated to keeping you safe, teaching you about the ways of the world and helping you to understand life. In a way it is the “simple” you. Up until now the lower self has done a good job. After all it got you this far! It is a compilation of mostly your ego and your desire body, emotional body, mental body and your physical body. It includes all the elements of you that operate your four lower body systems (physical, emotional, mental, etheric) that are centered on a physical incarnation.

The Lower Self Is Your Friend

The lower self will give you accurate information, especially if it has to do with your physical safety or your emotional body. This means that your lower self will give you information that will always be correct for the immediate circumstances. The lower self feedback can be influenced by the individuals who are around you and the environment. This means the information is accurate, to a point. The lower self also keeps track of past hurts and wounds to help you avoid similar situations.

The lower self can also jump in and answer your questions without you realizing it is the lower self. To help illustrate this, I will be sharing with you stories about how the lower self can interact with you and you mistakenly could think it was your Higher Self. But first let us learn more about the lower self.

Kinesiology is the science of monitoring a body response to stimulus. Professionals who use this tool will ask for a physical body response such as being able to resist pressure for the control and then bases further responses on resistance or non-resistance responses. The practice of kinesiology or muscle testing to read the body, is lower self information. You can get lower self data from a pendulum as well.

I don’t recommend the use of a pendulum because it can become a crutch and because it can be influenced by your environment or the material that it is made from. Once I was presenting to a group of dousers. I asked “Has your pendulum ever been wrong?” About 80% of the hands went up. Then I said, “The rest of you are in denial!” Everyone laughed! Ideally you will develop a connection with your Higher Self that makes the use of the pendulum obsolete.

I am not saying using a pendulum is wrong. Remember, your goal is self-mastery and becoming your most evolved expression of you. You must learn to access your most authentic source and in all cases this source is your Higher Self, which is your direct connection to God.

Lower self information is accurate to a point, but its operating system is based on experiences gained from living in a physical body. This is why it might be ideal to use kinesiology or a pendulum to decide what vitamins you should take, what therapies you might need or determine sensitivities to food.

The lower self is pulling its information from a limited database. The lower self derives that information from your four lower bodies. It may also be pulling information and collecting data from individuals around you and from the environment. You could be influenced inappropriately by your lower self-reflecting the data from your physical location or from nearby persons as well.


What Is The Difference Between Your Higher Self And Your Lower Self?

Your Higher Self is proactive; your lower self is reactive.
Your Higher Self knows and understands your circumstances from a universal perspective and integrates all of your needs wants and desires as well as the activity of the physical world around you.

Your lower self is operating from a limited perspective and is not fully integrated so it can’t weigh conflicting desires the way the Higher Self will. Given the choice, most decisions would benefit from full awareness of the reality![/alert]

Because the lower self keeps track of past hurts and wounds, it can influence you to stay away from situations. Your lower self might chose to avoid similar painful situations that may be important for you to experience now. The movie “Hook” gives us a very compelling look at the lower self. It shows Robin Williams as Peter Pan and gives an accurate display of the lower self making all the decisions and avoiding situations that may be useful to an adult.

The lower self has your best interests at heart. But it acts like an immature child in comparison to your Higher Self. This means that it has a limited version of what you wish for yourself in this reality. It also is not as readily able to cross-reference all of your needs into one composite understanding. The following examples will help illustrate this.

Higher Self vs. Lower Self

The first example is a true story about a woman who asked her Higher Self at a party if she should go on a date with a man she met and found attractive. She received the answer, “Yes.” The man asked and they went out. Nothing bad happened and nothing good happened.

The woman, who also valued her time, came home frustrated and asked her Higher Self, “What was that all about?” the Higher Self responded by saying, “You never asked your Higher Self, when you asked the question.” She was astonished. Her Higher Self continued, “Your lower self jumped in and answered for your Higher Self.” The woman was quite shocked. It never occurred to her that when she asked the question that her lower self could answer for her Higher Self. It was at that point she realized that she had not specified who should answer the question and presumed it was her Higher Self without specifying. The way to make sure is to always address the Higher Self by name. “Higher Self, is it in my Highest and Best Good to (fill in the blank.)

Pay attention, And make sure you were always asking your Higher Self with the phrase, “Higher Self is [blank] in my highest and best good.

How Do You Ask Your Higher Self a Question?

When ever you ask your Higher Self a question, always begin with, “Higher Self” Do not assume that if you pose a question in your mind, that the voice answering is your Higher Self. Unless you have specifically addressed the Higher Self it can be anything. Unfortunately you may have entities that will answer your questions as well. They may give you helpful but biased information. Be careful.

Remember your Higher Self will answer when called by name.

The woman who went on the fruitless date with a man who turned out to be of no interest to her was getting accurate information from her lower self. Why? Because her lower self was expressing for the little girl who wanted to be special; the woman in her who wanted to be desirable; and the part of her that wanted companionship. The net result of all that information was “Yes.”

Had she also known there would be no friendship and it wouldn’t go anywhere, she would have declined the invitation. Her Higher Self would have known other factors that were important to her. When this decision was put into the context of her busy lifestyle, it was very clear to her that it was a waste of her time. Only her Higher Self would be able to arrive at that conclusion by weighing all of her needs and providing her with a response that would be the perfect solution for her.

The lower self has your personal information close at hand. The Higher Self has access to all the information from the four lower bodies; your Divine Self; and other persons involved; and is able to integrate them to bring balanced responses. Your Higher Self has access to everything beyond your physical senses as well, along with everything beyond your mental awareness in the recess of your mind.

When you go on a driving trip and you use your GPS (Global Positioning System) it tells you all the roadblocks and delays. Using the Higher Self is like using your GPS. This is compared with the lower self that may be reading a map, but might not have the latest updates.

The Higher Self is moving through your energy bodies and responds to your current request, taking in all factors, known or unknown to you. Using your Higher Self ensures you are fully connected to the reality throughout all time, all dimensions and all space. An activated MerKaBa is not required, but very useful in your ascension work. I’ve produced a DVD set on how to activate the MerKaBa which is described on my website.

Yes, But What About Intuition?

Information received intuitively can be coming from any of the above places. It may or may not include all pertinent data. Your intuitive information could also be coming from external entities, or energies that are not authentically you.* Other people’s thoughts can enter your head, especially if they are thinking about you, and you are thinking about them. Many couples experience this communication phenomenon as normal.

Information coming from your lower self may feel like it is coming from intuition. It could come from your desires. It can come from external entities. It might come from the little girl in you that wants something that you have long forgotten about. Your information might come from your angels or guides. This is not the same as your Higher Self.

  • Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality, by Maureen St Germain; Phoenix Rising Publishing

Angels and Guides

What’s wrong with getting information from the Angels or guides you say? Nothing is wrong with that except it is not authentically you, and your purpose and goal here is to learn and gain access to your Divinity. Our angels and guides stand ready to help us at any time, and are probably there with you now. The purpose of the Angelic presence on Earth is to help build a personal relationship between Creator and Man.

They want you to gain this connection and will fully support your getting it. In fact, my Angels have given me a metaphor to explain this. Suppose you are on a mountain road driving in a fun sports car. Initially you might be going pretty fast as you enjoy the open air, the sunshine and the beautiful countryside.

Lower Self is reactive

Your lower self kicks in (that’s the part of you that keeps you safe most of the time) looking at the environment, deciding that maybe you should slow down and take it easy, after all it is a pretty curvy road. Maybe it’s an angel telling you to slow down.

Another car comes along driving from the other direction and you manage to stay out of his way, even though he has gone off center right in front of you! You end up swerving to your side of the road, but still safe. You manage to pull yourself together and you think, “Wow that was a close call, good thing I slowed down and was able to get out of the way! Good thing my reactions were so quick!” “Lower self” is reactive.

Your Higher Self is Proactive

Your Higher Self would experience this whole scenario and take a proactive approach. You Higher Self will be aware of the oncoming car, long before you are. Your Higher Self will send you a message such as, “Why don’t you take a break? You have been driving for a while and need to rest. There is a scenic overlook coming up ahead, pull over and enjoy the view.”

When the opposing car from the other direction comes down that road towards you, you find you are out of harm’s way! You might not even know that a reckless driver is coming down the hill. You never notice because your Higher Self directed you to get off the road! You are able to see how your Higher Self influenced your actions proactively and allowed the circumstances to occur around you, while keeping you from being directly involved.

There Is No “No.”

Many years ago, when I first started working with this information, I realized there was only “Yes.” Although you can teach your Higher Self “No,” technically there is no “No.” This is why I refer to choice as “God” or “Not-God.” So if you get a good clear signal for “Yes,” and nothing for “No” or “Neutral,” you have enough information to operate in the reality. Go with that. In the next class we will take you through more practice and explanations on how this works. In the mean time, you are now ready for your first Higher Self meditation! If you come up “empty” after this meditation move to the second one. Wait a day or so to do it. You can also repeat the first meditation once again, to give it another try. There are some surprise elements here so we are not saying too much!


  • Higher Self Connection BASIC This is your First Higher Self Connection – 8 min. (download)
    Make sure you have created at least 10 minutes uninterrupted time to sit quietly and follow the instructions that are being given.
  • Higher Self Connection Back Up Plan –  (download
    (Use this meditation ONLY if the first one, (Basic) doesn’t give you results.)

Next lesson we will give you very specific written instructions that will help you in your practice.