What You’ll Learn this Week

  • You will learn more detail about Higher Self Connection
  • You will learn from others Higher Self experiences.
  • You will apply this knowledge in your Higher Self connection
  • You will review the alternate way to learn your Higher Self signals
  • You will learn the four reasons for Neutral and how to use them

How’s it going? Higher Self Practice

By now you are in the habit of asking your Higher Self questions about things you don’t care about. If you have not started doing this please do so starting now. You can ask 30 or 40 questions a day. Below is a list of the types of questions you might be asking your Higher Self.

  • Higher Self, is it in my highest best good to go to the Opera tonight?
  • Higher Self, is it in my Highest and best good to take this route [fill in the blank] to work today?
  • Higher Self should* I wear the boots to work today?
  • Higher Self should* I wear the white socks today?

* I recommend you stay away from “should” as it doesn’t really address what you really want to know, and because “should” implies your Higher Self is the boss of you, which it most certainly is not.

Here’s a funny example of Higher Self Practice

A woman who was a pipefitter in Alberta told me that when she was practicing with her Higher Self she had a brand-new pair of white, warm, fuzzy, socks that she was eager to wear – out on the oil field. It was cold and damp and she thought the socks were just perfect to keep her warm and comfortable.

She asked her Higher Self if she was to wear them today. She was told, “No.” she asked again, and was told “No.” So she didn’t wear them. She wore some older socks. That day her boots came off as she was walking in the very sticky mud! She put her stocking foot in the black mud and would have ruined her white socks. When you’re working oilfield at camp you don’t do laundry like you do when you’re at home. She laughs as she tells the story because she knows her Higher Self knew what going to happen that day. Even something simple as this becomes fun and joyful because of your practice. Make sure your questions reflect that you really don’t care.

If you did not get great signals from your Higher Self make sure you do the second guided meditation given in last week’s lesson. This is your backup plan. Below you will find of table of some of the types of answers people have received from their Higher Self. You may even find your answers resonate with the others who are doing this work.

Sample Signals from the Higher Self

Download this chart as PDF

Identification and Experience Of The Higher SelfYes Symbol Or SignalNo Symbol Or SignalNeutral Symbol Or SignalAs part of the instruction, we asked for a message for the individual, class or world
Flood of light warmthOpennessTightnessWobbly spinFlood of color, Dragon – strength – power
Vast – deep blue to light blue to white connectednessDoor closedDoor openDoor not being able to moveFunny to have open door for NO! “I am one with the Universe”
Male (significant because this was woman) dog earsGolden sphereTetrahedron point in frontPurple colorPurple is a common color for HIGHER SELF
Tingle throughout the bodyThroat feeling Constriction at bottom of throatThroat feeling Constriction at top of throatAbsence of any feelingLove yourself
Intimate conversational connectionSphere BrightnessSphere DarknessSphere neither light nor darkFlow freely
MulticoloredStrong energy solid solarStanding in heart energyHorizontal movement from left to rightMiddle point, water dancing, freedom, laughter cherished
Language doesn’t go there Pervasive warmthSpoon with three bands at jointWalnutCircle with a dotPay attention, communication with elementals especially Higher Self.
Light warmth tingling awareness also eye of HorusEye of Horus Closed (Funny again, closed is Yes!)Eye of Horus OpenEye of Horus Winking!!The more we connect with all of the parts of being, the more she can create harmony, laughter, joy!
Shown from outside her as a holographic projection of self “I told you if you were really here the Earth wouldn’t be able to hold your love.”Geometric shaped letter YGeometric shaped letter NVisual of a line of words – “flat line”Empower yourself!
Streams, trees, huge crystal energy, geometry shapes, purple orange blue all colors, met masters – Jesus, Quan Yin, and Akashic Records 180 times – do you want to do this anymore? Multi universes – home let’s go homeYesNoSilenceWent directly to Source. Is this my Higher Self? This is everyone’s Higher Self – Everything, everyone.
String pulled tightHead nodding yesHead nodding noPivot around an axisIs this dumb? Man on a one person sailboat – 3 sails – small trapeze… sense of freedom and power!
Way more than words – joy, peace, compassion. Heard Archangel Michael talking to her.Thumbs upThumbs downFirst and little finger up, the rest down, waving handButterflies giant crystal, illumination Earth beyond beautiful mosaic of love. Lay your feet upon me, know we are one – go deep – illuminate, embrace, merge, remember. Beacons to transcend and transform.

Advance Directives – an important Higher Self solution

One of my longtime students shared what happened to her. Ginny was very proud of earning her black belt in Karate, a feat she accomplished after she turned 50! Those who have arrived at this milestone know that once you earn your black belt, that’s when the serious work begins! Every Monday morning she dutifully drove one-hour on an interstate to get to her dojo in the next city.

One particular Monday morning, she decided that she wanted to meet with her teacher. She felt that if she started out a half hour early it would give her plenty of time to meet with him. She left her home at 7:30 AM for her 9 AM class. Along the way she received a message from her Higher Self.

Her Higher Self instructed her to take the first exit. There are three exits on this highway that will take her into the destination city. The first exit is convenient, and the least amount of miles, although it takes much more time due to local traffic and rush hour.

The second exit, although longer by miles, is the most direct – routing her around the city traffic. It generally takes the least amount of time. The third exit is way out of her way. Three times, while driving, before the first exit, she was told to get off at the first exit. She rationalized each time that it would consume some of her precious thirty minutes for her desired meeting with her instructor. How many times have you done that? Rationalized your thinking instead of following through with guidance?

She drove right past the first highway exit. The second highway exit was closed, because there were men working in it! Taking the third exit she now was required to drive quite a distance out of her way. The instructor did speak to her the moment she arrived. He commanded “50 push-ups!” since she arrived late to class!

She was able to recognize in hindsight that her Higher Self had been trying to provide her with what she really wanted. She dismissed it because she was accustomed to feeling that her best information would come from using her logic. Hindsight leads us to a different conclusion, and we understand that 15 minutes early is better than 15 minutes late! There is a logical reason for using your Higher Self information and we’ll get to that shortly.

In your case, this type of “advance directives” may be coming in now – or they may show up after your Higher Self practice is well developed. In any case, your practice period requires that you ONLY ask yes/no questions of an unimportant nature. Please be aware that if something like this happens, act accordingly, and keep your practice period agreements.

I have been teaching this aspect of the Higher Self connection since I began teaching in 1995. On September 11, 2001, I had my own hindsight about how significant this Higher Self connection really is.

Higher Self And 9/11

I had been guided to hold my series of workshops in New York City in September 2001. In New York, I don’t have a host, and select dates based on my Higher Self direction. I had been going to NYC regularly, and had received prompting from my Higher Self to be in NYC in September and the exact dates to be there. Once the workshop dates had been set, I decided I would add an extra day after classes to shop and go to visit friends while I was there. Back then I didn’t ask my Higher Self about a vacation day!

This particular trip had me flying home on September 11. I had arranged, at the place that I was staying, that I would be returning home on Tuesday, 9/11. When I attempted to purchase my airline ticket however, I felt my Higher Self re-directing me to come home immediately after the workshop!

Some have asked me, what was it like? For me, I had this “sinking feeling.” Have you ever played the game of Monopoly? Think about how you feel when you pull the card that says, “Do not pass go, do not collect $200!” It was that kind of feeling, and very strong. I asked, “What am I to do then?” I was told, “Go directly home, no play time this trip!”

At the time, a friend asked me, “Why aren’t you staying like you planned?” and I told him, “I really don’t know. I just know I need to be home. Maybe I’ll get an important phone call, or maybe one my sons will need me for something!” When one becomes accustomed to the voice of the Higher Self, it is easy to listen and to follow the direction given. Little did I know how significant that would be. The Higher Self doesn’t always show up for me as a voice, sometimes it is a feeling.

I would not have been on the downed flights of September 11 if I had stayed in New York that extra day, but I wouldn’t have gotten home. Do you remember that there were no flights anywhere in the United States for a whole week while the US government sorted out the next course of action to follow this terrible act? I found myself very grateful to not be caught in the chaos of being grounded at an airport far from home while a teenage son was at home for a week without Mom.

A student in that class had a job interview that Tuesday morning where she was scheduled to walk through the World Trade Center just about the time of chaos. That morning, she was so uncomfortable with the prospect of going there, she actually called her interviewer asking if she could have a phone interview instead! She understood in hindsight the feeling saved her life. Who cancels an in-person interview asking for a phone interview?

Invocations You Can Make

In my invocation at the altar at each workshop I ask for a direct connection with my Higher Self and the Higher Self of each person in my class. I specifically ask that their Higher Self is able to communicate directly with mine so that I might serve each person perfectly in the class. I then ask for the same connection with each of us that we might all serve each other perfectly. We always close out that connection at the end of class.

This is also part of my daily practice; offering a similar invocation. You are encouraged to do the same. My favorite is an exceptionally helpful tool to receive Higher Self assistance with interpersonal interactions when trying to communicate with someone who may not be hearing what you have to say in the Third Dimensional reality: “I ask for my Higher Self to work with the Higher Self of (the other person) for the purpose of (fill in the blank) and that this communication be for the highest good of all, creating a win-win circumstance for everyone.”

We all have had bosses, spouses, relatives, customers who we interact with whom, for whatever reason, are not able to hear what we have to say. I have often advised people who may be facing a difficult meeting or negotiation to ask for the Higher Self connection between all persons, so that everyone’s needs can be heard, met and addressed. Here’s a true story of a woman who made such an invocation, and how it saved her client’s life.

Higher Self In The Emergency Room – Higher Self To Higher Self

One of my students, an alternative healer named Juanita, had a regular monthly session for her client, a medical doctor. Juanita, the healer, was helping Dr. Susan with ongoing treatments.

Prior to their work together, Susan, the MD, had landed in the Emergency Room with a panic attack. The drugs that were administered to treat her turned out to be totally wrong for her. She had a severe reaction to them and almost died. They caused Susan to leave her body, and have a “near death” experience as well. Now, four years later, Dr. Susan has another emergency room visit, with what turns out to be another panic attack.

Although Susan is a medical doctor, some major emotional things had just occurred in her life to trigger this panic attack. Juanita knew Susan needed to go to the Emergency Room and insisted she go. The cause was not at all related to the healing work Susan had doing with Juanita.

Because of their ongoing relationship, Susan asked Juanita to “work” on her in absentia, while she was in the Emergency Room. Juanita trained with me and understood the use of this Higher Self connection. She called in the Higher Self of the attending physician and asked for each of them to be connected to their Higher Selves, and to each other’s Higher Self. The instruction was that whoever the Emergency Room doctor was, he would get his instruction on the “appropriate medicine” for Susan, from Susan’s Higher Self.

Later Juanita, the healer, spoke to her client, Susan, about this. Juanita’s prayer occurred at the same time that the attending physician announced with considerable passion that he was going to “GO WITH HIS GUT” and use a specific medication. Apparently there was more than one choice, and it turned out he selected the exact medication for healing the anxiety attack and to help Susan through her crisis without a drug reaction.

Juanita explained to Susan that her Higher Self had directed her to create a link between the two doctors, (the Emergency Room doctor and the patient doctor) at the Higher Self level. The Emergency Room doctor decided instead of “going with the more common prescribed medication for this set of symptoms” he would accept his strong “feelings” and let them guide him to an alternate medication. He was in reality getting accurate information from the Higher Self of the patient, Susan, making sure the correct medication would be used this time.

Higher Self And Family Matters

At one point in the development of my own Higher Self connection, I really wanted to attend a seminar. My former husband and I alternated weekends with our four sons. The weekend of the workshop was my weekend off. But then one of my sons received a scholarship opportunity. He was selected as one of 100 candidates for 10 full ride scholarships. All the candidates and their families were invited for a weekend at the college, where the student would go through a series of interviews and tests. Ten finalists would get full scholarships.

The scholarship weekend was the same weekend as the seminar! I remember the seminar leader saying to me, “You just tell your former husband that he has to drive your son to the scholarship weekend.” I knew it wasn’t that simple because if he agreed to do that, he would tell me to take the younger boys because it wouldn’t be right to haul all of them for the 8 hour drive to the college. I wouldn’t do that, and didn’t expect him to do it either! Caught in a dilemma of what to do, one day I decided I would ask my Higher Self. At my very next meditation, I asked my Higher Self what I should do.

I was amazed at the answer. The first thing my Higher Self told me was, “This is not your decision. This is your son’s decision. Tell him there are three choices. Tell him all decisions are equal.” (At this point I didn’t know what they were.) My Higher Self went on, “He can drive to the college with his father, he can drive to the college with his mother or he can fly there by himself.”

When I made the offer to him, he didn’t hesitate. “In that case, I’ll go by myself and fly.” My mom guilt would never have even considered the third alternative. Because it came from my Higher Self, I was confident that it was a good decision for all involved. This enabled me to take care of my son, by flying him to the scholarship audition, and I could attend my seminar!

What Is A Signal From The Higher Self?
How Do I Know That I Am Getting A Real Signal?

A signal or symbol from the Higher Self can take on any form. For those of you who are kinesthetic, you will experience a feeling; some have a sense or knowing. Uri Geller used Kinetic energy to bend a fork. Feeling the river of connection widen for you, if you already have this sense or feeling, will come with practice.

Others get colors, or shapes or other visual experiences; some will hear something; others will have a scent appear. You can refer to the list provided in the previous section. I’ve included this list from many of my students from the past 11 years for you to review to see what other people have experienced. Allow your river of connection to widen with this practice, no matter how “expert” you are.

What If I Don’t Get Yes And No Symbols Or Signals?

If you have been doing your Meditations for a while, and you have asked your Higher Self for symbols or signals and you come up with nothing, then it is time for you to select symbols that you can understand and then teach them to your Higher Self. This is the subject of the second, “back up plan” meditation offered in Lesson 2. If you need help in this area, go back and follow these instructions. You will need to pick something to communicate this knowledge of what you want for the signal or symbol for “yes,” “no” and “neutral.” Listen to the guided meditation #2, from the second lesson in order to perfect this symbol. It’s important. Do not skip this step if you did NOT get clear symbols from the first guided Higher Self Meditation. Read on for more explanation.

How Do I Teach The Higher Self My Signals?

While in meditation, you will ask your Higher Self for a signal or symbol for “yes,” a signal or symbol for “no,” and a signal or symbol for “neutral.” What if I don’t get a clear signal in meditation? Now what do I do? When my oldest son was a 2 year old, he taught us the word for cheese, it was “ga.” He couldn’t say cheese, so every time he saw cheese, a favorite of his at the time, he named it for us. We learned that if he wanted cheese, he would say, “ga.” If your Higher Self doesn’t give you a clear signal then you will assign a value to “yes” and “no” that you can recognize in this same way.

To set the matrix for “yes” and “no” signals, select something that you can easily replicate in your minds eye. Make it something simple that you will accept. For example, if you see colors easily, red could stand for “no,” and green for “yes,” or thumbs up for “yes,” thumbs down for “no.”

If you are more of a “feeling” or kinesthetic type individual, you may find it easier to experience energy in your body or a feeling. You might decide that a simple energy “whoosh” on the right side could stand for “yes,” and on the left for “no,” and in the middle for “neutral.” Pick something that will work for you. But PICK SOMETHING and let it stand. Write it down and don’t question it.

If you decide that a red car should be your signal for “yes,” and you close your eyes, and can’t imagine a red car, then that is not a good signal for you. You must select something that you can replicate in your minds eye, and then your Higher Self can communicate it to you so you can experience it.

Then practice with something you already know the answer to so that you can get the feel of it. Such as, “Do I have one son?” You already know the answer. Let the correct symbol or signal present itself. Continue practicing with mundane things like, “Higher Self, is it in my Highest and Best Good I wear this or that shirt today, or Higher Self, is it in my Highest and Best Good I take this route or the ‘back’ route to work?” Looking at a menu ask, “Higher Self, is it in my Highest and Best Good to have Soup?” If the response is “Neutral,” ask, “Higher Self, is it in my Highest and Best Good to have Salad?” If the response is “Neutral,” ask, “Higher Self, is it in my Highest and Best Good to have Both?” The response is “Yes.” Remember to always phrase them as yes or no questions.

What About Neutral?

There are five possible reasons for “Neutral” response. They will be discussed at the end of this section. Please note that neutral is NOT “maybe.” Many people get this confused! Neutral means Not “yes,” and Not “no.” You might want to be asking more questions after the “neutral” response to get clarity. Once you understand the five possible reasons for the “neutral” response it will make more sense.

Examples Of Symbols Or Signals

Brian’s ‘yes’ symbol is a smiley face. When he went walking on the beach right after the meditation where that information came in, he found a rock with a smiley face carved into it by Mother Nature. The synchronicity of finding that rock was the Higher Self providing clarity and reinforcing his signal.

Kelly first experienced her Higher Self through the Michelangelo painting of the hand of God reaching for the hand of man as her symbol of the Higher Self. Her “yes” signal was a thumb pointing up and thumbs down for “no.” Dennis’s Higher Self has a sense of humor. His signals are a Mickey Mouse white gloved hand with the thumbs up or down for “yes” and “no” respectively.

A man in the class was the “drag along” partner of a woman who was very into this work. He decided to attend on a whim. He had never really done any meditation before. He asked me, in a whispered voice, “Can your Higher Self have a sense of humor?” When the Higher Self connection was made his Higher Self showed him a red beating heart for “yes” and green M&M’s for “no!” That same man was given a vision of his Higher Self the following day. He whispered in my ear – “Can my Higher Self be a woman?” That same man shares the same first name with another of the students from a few years back. Both men’s Higher Selves appear as a woman!

In one class there was a lot of crystal energy expressed in this location, and the store hosting me had hundreds of crystals. Many participants in this class experienced their signals in the form of crystals. In another class a man, Tom, was a former military guy. His signals reflected him as a paratrooper getting ready to jump from a plane! His “neutral” signal was him at the open door of the plane and he never jumps. His “no” signal is the jump and his parachute doesn’t open. “Yes” is him jumping and the ‘chute opens! Another man in that same class sees his Higher Self represented by lightening. Jagged means “yes” and has a direct feeling. Spiral lightening is “no” with a dancing type feeling and “neutral” shows up as a flat line of lightening.

Step 2: Practice, Practice, Practice!

Get symbols or signals from your Higher Self. If no symbols or signals come in from your Higher Self, then you must teach your Higher Self symbols or signals that you can understand and replicate.


The signal for “neutral” frequently tends to come up as a flat line, or some variation thereof, such as a horizon, the sea or a minus sign. See the table contains some of the information from students coming through the meditation where I introduce the Higher Self and ask for the Higher Self signals.

Help! I’m Not Getting Anything!

Many people experience shapes such as triangles circles, tetrahedrons, etc. as one of their signals. If you don’t get a symbol or signal – don’t despair.

You are not alone, and that’s why we have the “back up” plan, Meditation #2. I’ll be providing tools to help you with your Higher Self communication. If you don’t get a signal then it just means you aren’t visual or auditory. It may mean that you are so mental or cerebral that you haven’t “allowed” those signals to appear for you. We’ll find a way. Use the “back up” Meditation from last week if you still don’t have some form of communication from your higher self, and pay attention to this section called, “How Do I Actually Do This?

Allow yourself to see or feel any kind of response, and with practice, you will find the Higher Self connection.

When Do I Ask My Higher Self These Questions?

Ideally, you will ask your Higher Self questions while you are in meditation. Many of us take a little pause at some point after we have connected with the heart and Higher Self. Any time is a perfect time to connect with your Higher Self. The best time is after you have connected with your heart. This is because you are anchored into your heart from the moment you do a meditation inviting the Higher Self into your heart. I always invite my Higher Self to join me in my heart at the very beginning.

Remember that the ideal meeting ground for you and your Higher Self is in your heart, because it is the one place you both have in common. It is much preferable to check in with your Higher Self while in your meditations. Just like a cell phone, it is far easier to receive clear communication if you are in a place with good reception! If your cell phone keeps cutting out on you, you are likely to limit your conversation until you can have clear reception. Remember that the best reception between you and your Higher Self is while you are in your heart. You may even wish to go back to Lesson 2 to review some of the heart opening exercises.

Step 3: Asking For Signals Or Symbols

While in meditation, say: “Higher Self, I am choosing to be in my heart. Please join me in my heart.”
“Higher Self I am making a commitment to be in my heart, and I am asking that you assist me with my communication with you. Please clarify or give me a signal for ‘yes.’ (Wait for the response.) Please give me a signal for ‘no.’ (Wait for the response.) Please give me a signal for ‘neutral.’ (Wait for the response.)”

How Do I Actually Do This?

This is the basis for the first Higher Self Meditation in lesson #2. Consider listening to it now – if you have not yet done so.

While you are still in meditation, you simply think or ask the following questions*

  1. Higher Self, I am choosing to be in my heart. Please join me in my heart.
  2. Higher Self, I am making a commitment to build a new level of communication between me and my Higher Self.
  3. Because of this, I am asking my Higher Self for a signal or symbol for “yes,” I am asking my Higher Self for a signal or symbol for “no.” I am asking my Higher Self for a signal or symbol for “neutral.” Wait for the signal or symbol to appear.
  4. Thank your Higher Self for working with you.

Even if you already think you have a good connection with your Higher Self you can always improve it. No matter what level you are at with your communication there is always room for improvement. If you disagree, then you don’t need this training! Your Higher Self connection can always improve.

A woman observed in a class that everyone around her was getting guidance from his or her Higher Self, yet she wasn’t. Someone said, “Have you asked?” Remember to ask! Asking your Higher Self to work with you more closely will bring the Higher Self in more closely! You are also making a crystal clear commitment to start to interact with your Higher Self. It is an important act of will. Make sure you ask!

  • MerKaBa II, Guided Meditation CD, contains these questions after Breath 14: Available on this site.

Fuzzy Information

A woman from a class decided to ask her Higher Self if the restaurant she wanted to go to was open. It was a good spot because of its proximity between their two homes. It was Monday night and she knew many restaurants are closed on Mondays. So when her Higher Self showed her it was closed she made a plan to meet her friend there on Tuesday evening. When they arrived on Tuesday the restaurant was closed, it had gone out of business!

Occasionally, as your Higher Self connection becomes richer, you will discover something “won’t feel quite right.” Perhaps the information will be muddy or seem strange compared to your usual feelings when checking in with your Higher Self. Pursuing this suspicion will help you recognize to re-frame your question or ask, “What’s going on?” Learn to notice anything that doesn’t feel right, or feel normal Lack of clarity is significant and requires further investigation. Ask, “Is this my Higher Self?”

Getting to know your Higher Self communication leads to all kinds of information you didn’t expect.

Finally, find a way to unhook from your need to know, or any other need. Be open and consciously work at “non-judgmental” review and reaction to your Higher Self information. Chose to Step away from the habit of interpreting everything from a polarity vantage point. Instead of saying, “I’m not getting anything” – especially if you usually do – consider that vagueness has its own message.

Step 4: Make A Commitment

Next time you do your Meditation, you will tell your Higher Self you are making a commitment to work with your Higher Self, and that you are asking your Higher Self to work with you in return. You name the length of time (must be at least 45 days or six weeks) and then name the date your practice period will end.
NAME that date. You thank your Higher Self for working with you.

It Is About Free Will

Until you have an open heart and establish a connection, your Higher Self doesn’t care about you or interact with you. In fact, it is against cosmic law for your Higher Self to intervene. Higher Self is not permitted to interact with you (unless by prior to incarnation agreement or other special circumstances) until you decide you want to communicate with it.

If your Higher Self started an interaction with you before you asked for it, then your Higher Self would be violating your free will. That, for your Higher Self, is not possible. In the beginning, the Higher Self communication into the Third Dimension reality must be initiated by you. After you’ve been working with your Higher Self – the locked gate stays open!

What about the people who spontaneously start getting information? Generally this is by contract, and you may have pre-existing agreements with your Higher Self for something significant to open you to the Higher Self communication. Even those of you reading this may be able to pinpoint an event that started you in this direction.

Communication In Both Directions!

If you have a piano teacher who you are studying with, she might decide you are ready for a difficult piece and purchase the music on your behalf to help you with it. If your teacher saw some music that she knew you would like, she might suggest to you that you explore it and offer guidance to its execution.

When your communication with your Higher Self is reliable and consistent, the communication will begin to travel in both directions. Your Higher Self will begin to give you information that you may need and desire that perhaps you didn’t specifically ask for in the moment. The free flow of information occurs as you grow your connection to your Higher Self with your practice and devotion.

Course recordings:

These recordings are from a live class where questions and examples are discussed. The participants share their experiences and ask questions about areas their understanding of the Higher Self Connection. You may listen casually to both recordings – as you will discover much information in the discussions. You need not participate in the actual guided meditation (in the middle of the recording) unless you desire to do so.

  • This 90 minute recording is part one of a two part class learning about the Higher Self and participating in their first Higher Self Connection Meditation (download)
  • This recording is from part two (also 90 minutes) class on the Higher Self. In the meditation, the Higher Self back up plan form was used. If you already have your symbols and signals you might skip over the meditation part – but listen in if you are curious.  Higher Self Connection Meditation (download)

In the next lesson we will develop this newfound knowledge. If you are serious about developing a connection with your Higher Self that is virtually foolproof, you will need to practice. You will choose to practice with questions that have no consequence to you. We will explore that and your commitment next.