Advanced Questions What you will learn this week

  • In this special Bonus section you’ll learn important tools for advanced Higher Self work
  • You will learn how to ask your Higher Self questions – to maximize your information
  • You will learn the best approach to work with your Higher Self
  • You will understand what happens when you have the Higher Self connection and don’t use it!
  • And you will be ready to integrate all your practice in to a much higher accuracy than ever before.

After your practice period is complete — 45 days from your start date.

What will my Higher Self do for me?

Your Higher Self is not a parent. It will not correct you or save you from your mistakes. Fortunately your Higher Self does not sit in judgment of your activities either. It doesn’t decide that you were wrong or bad because you asked a Higher Self question and then didn’t follow through.

Of course like Ginny, the woman with a black belt in martial arts who decided not to take the first exit, if you don’t follow your Higher Self, you will be sorry!

What if I don’t follow my Higher Self?

I did I not follow my Higher Self only one time. True to the above, I was sorry! While teaching in New York I proposed getting together with some dear friends who lived there. The only night I had available they had already made plans to see a movie. I checked in to see if I was supposed to see the movie. Nope.

I really wanted to see my friends, so against the answer my Higher Self had given me, I went to the movie anyway, just so I could be with my friends. The movie was so bad I wanted to walk out. They thought the same thing! None of us wanted to be there, but all of us suffered through that awful movie for concern of hurting the others’ feelings! What a waste! Now I know better.

I can promise you that if you ask your Higher Self, you will get the best answer that will please every aspect of you, even the ones you don’t know about or think about. Your ego might not think so in the moment, but hindsight is a great teacher!

Your Higher Self is your new BEST advisor!

Your Higher Self has all your priorities and aspects in full view and is giving you an informed answer! The answer is the exact answer you would give yourself if you knew everything, and your Higher Self does!

Become the humble servant. Become the Fool to Spirit. Give yourself permission to “hear what is going on.” Once you have learned to step out of judgment, then you will be open to the messages of the Universe all the time. The daily practice of the Meditation will clear your judgments, wounds and fears. Get in the habit of asking in this non-judgmental way, “What is going on?” You will be amazed at the answers that will start coming. Remember your practice period is completed for this.

How to improve the Higher Self connection

Connecting to the Higher Self comes through this practice and process that is highly effective and accurate. I encourage you to use this practice to develop your own consistency. Your practice will be the best investment you have ever made. This specific practice, as detailed here, will enable you to achieve 100% accuracy with your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self is both a resource and ally

The Universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality. What are you fascinated by? This is what the Universe works on. The goal then becomes being the Master of Divine Expression. It means no limitation! We are not locked into physical reality. We are becoming Light from within. We are no longer looking to an outside authority.

What’s Going on?

Remember, what do you do when something happens that defies explanation? Ask your Higher Self “What’s going on?” It’s the ONLY question you’ll ever need to ask. After your practice period, you may start asking this and other “open-ended” questions.