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Round image of Maureen St. Germain Akashic Guide

Maureen St. Germain - San Diego, CA & New York, NY


Maureen St. Germain is a natural intuitive and has been working with the Akashic Records for a long time. Originally certified by Akashic Records Consultants International (ARCI), to open and reveal another’s records when requested, she is now affiliated with Akashic Records International (ARI). In 2009 she founded Akashic Records Guides. Maureen can assist you to access the wisdom of your own Record Keepers who can guide you and provide you with insights, direction and more.

A reading from Maureen will be powerful, enlightening, cleansing and inspiring.

Sessions are by appointment only. Most Akashic Record readings are done by phone or Skype, since Maureen has an international clientele. All readings are either 50 or 80 minutes in length and can be recorded. For an in-person reading you can arrange to travel to Maureen’s location in New York City or to any city where Maureen is teaching at the time.

Maureen can record the reading and create an MP3 file for you at your request. This MP3 recording will play on your computer, and also on your portable music devices.

Akashic Readings at Workshops
Maureen will reserve appointments during workshop dates for the workshop participants or individuals in that city. You may also check our schedule for any other dates and times that Maureen may be available for readings: Calendar of Events.  For more details or questions, please contact us.

What People Are Saying

Thank you so much for this wonderful work. The session has been illuminating in every sense of the word.
– MH, Caribbean

My Akashic readings with Maureen always leaves me with clarity and renewed energy to continue on my path. I am truly grateful for the guidance and would recommend this service to anyone in doubt, whether it concerns your life purpose, work, relationship or any other personal matter. I never make an important decision without asking the record keepers first. This gives me certainty that I am in constant flow and I feel ready for what is coming instead of having to fight it. As a doctor it is very important for me to feel balanced myself, in order to provide the best service to my patients. Having regular Akashic readings will do just that!
– Kamilla, D.C. Hong Kong

Round image of Michelle Molloy Akashic Guide

Michelle Molloy - Seattle, WA


A new portal has opened

We are now able to access knowledge from our Guides and the Akashic Records to align the energy of our space and belongings, with our purpose and personal signature of our intentions. Allow Michelle to accompany you to connect with your Guides, read your space and discover what will invite your spaces’ energy to optimally support you on your life’s journey.

Michelle considers it an honor to open The Akashic Records and is grateful to those who trust her to do so for them. She brings her passion for deeper meaning in life to her work as an Akashic Records Guide. When you are asking questions, Michelle’s access to the Akashic Records often brings her images that are powerful, beautiful, and often humorous. She is an empath and often feels the body sensation or emotional nuance of the question, confirming the connection with your Records

From the Akashic Records, to the one’s seeking readings, “Be ready to hear that you are more amazing than you imagine and your life is set on a course of expansion that may thrill you and challenge you at the same time. Be prepared to participate in your own healing… The Akashic Records are not static, though there is stillness within them. Answers are given that you are ready to receive. Some answers may surprise you.”

The energy in and around our space
When the energy of our space is aligned with our own highest intentions, everything flows more easily– information from the Akashi, abundance, expression of our purpose, health, and satisfying relationships – everything imaginable.

Do the items you place around you balance and harmonize with nature’s energies to align in patterns such as those found in a crystal, or is the energy incidental and coarse? How do our own thoughts and feelings engage in these natural forces?  You might recognize the energy as a feeling of well-being, or perhaps a feeling that something is not right.

Solutions may include simply acknowledging the energy and discovering energy ‘weather patterns’ around you. Michelle works with your Guides to inspire the release of incongruous energy in or around your space by suggesting enhancements to your home or office, or a new arrangement of your furnishings or belongings. Often, the movement of this energy is felt by the one whose records are open, bringing a sense of relief or a shift in one’s perspective.

About Michelle

Michelle has studied extensively with Maureen St. Germain, since 2011, as well as with numerous other teachers throughout her life. During one of her early readings with Maureen, Michelle was named one of the Oracles, in a lifetime in ancient Greece.  She became an ARI Certified Guide in December 2013. Michelle Molloy is the founder of Penates Way LLC, and has been a designer of a variety of residential award-winning projects for 19 years.  Michelle lives in Seattle and is available for personal readings via Skype or on the phone.

Michelle’s own Record Keepers explained about her readings, “The one seeking the reading is not a passive recipient – they are active detectives in their own life story.”

What People Are Saying

Thank you so much for yesterday’s reading. It was reassuring and gave me much to think about. You have a beautiful gift. I have to tell you how excited I am. Since the reading you did so many extraordinary things have happened. When you explained about the way I receive messages I have been getting so many more. or maybe they were always there and I just wasn’t getting it. For so long I have not been able to sleep. I wake up at 1 and can’t go back to sleep until after 4am. You said that was the best time to communicate with the elementals. I asked them to come to me during dream time. What dreams I am having. Now I am only awake for about a half hour, just long enough to make a couple notes.
You helped me so much more than you can imagine! I can’t thank you enough.
– Carole. Skagit County, WA

Thank you Michelle, I was truly impressed with your reading yesterday and you opened up my eyes/mind/heart to the Records –  an understanding I didn’t have before. I accessed the Akasha myself way back in early 2014 but was not able to get to the point of asking questions and getting answers. There are no coincidences of course. The links you sent me……I have a home near the Slovenian border and there is a connection with Mark’s work. And last Sunday – World Hypnotists Day – I had my first Body Code experience – a 15 minute session which was most effective. I look forward to scheduling another session with you in the next few weeks and I would like to thank you for sending the links and for doing, for me,  a most interesting reading.
– Carmel M.

Thank you – it was amazing! You have a wonderful gift. I called to tell you that you were right on point. (The Reading) helped me make life changes. You have a beautiful connection. I have had Akashic Readings by others (other organizations) and you have more integrity than most. Thank you so much.
– R.G., Seattle, WA

That was an hour well spent!
– P.C., Seattle, WA

(My Reading) expanded my knowledge in certain areas that I had been unclear about proceeding in. (The benefit was) confirmation that I am receiving information from spirit. It gave me some direction to move towards what I had been conflicted with prior to the reading.
– S.V., Olympia, WA

The reading was spot on about business. I am thinking of getting another reading.
– M.A., Cedar Rapids, IA

This (Reading) was very helpful and I think you did an excellent job!
– J.M., Yucatan, Mexico


round image of Terri Young

Terri Young - Iron Ridge, WI


Terri Young has been a lifelong seeker. Never satisfied to be “like” everyone else, there were always more books to read and more to learn.

In the early eighties, Terri and a business partner opened an Angel Figurine store in a tiny village and called it “On the Wings of Angels”. Even though they were miles from anywhere, they were successful.

The Angels have guided her to see “Angel Auras” around people. Would you like to know what your Angel-Wings look like?

Terri’s life has been an interesting journey. In 2011, she re-connected with Maureen St. Germain and that meeting catapulted her into the Akashic Records Reading classes. She is excited about how awesome it feels to capstone a life-long journey with this excellent experience.

Terri has now found a spaciousness and peacefulness in the Records that she has never found before. She would be pleased to help you find your own loving guidance from the Record Keepers.

Terri became a ARI Certified Guide in 2012 and will give readings by Skype or phone. She provides readings from the Milwaukee/Madison, WI area. Terri is certified to teach all to open their own Akashic records.

What People Are Saying

Recently, at a crossroads about a physically debilitating situation where I could “see” an energetic sword entering me, Terri (through the Record Keepers) told us (to pretend) to “pull the sword out!” The next time I was in pain, we did exactly that and the pain instantly stopped! This work in the Akashic Records is amazing.

Round image of Betty Labbate

Betty Labbate - Palmetto, FL


Betty has always had an interest in finding ways to navigate through this journey we call life.  Her interest was piqued when she learned about the Akashic Records because she found that it is a way of looking into who you really are, and where you are headed on your journey.  Betty offers valuable insights into your soul’s work by channeling through the Akashic Record Keepers. Your journey is an adventure, and Betty’s extraordinary ability to assist you on your journey will prove to be a valuable asset in your life.

She has always been fascinated by, what was called in its day, “space and the final frontier.” From an early age Betty’s desire was to be a pilot and an astronaut. When those avenues did not materialize she began studying other methods of revealing life’s mysteries.

After college, Betty worked in a construction company in New York City and enjoyed the beauty of a big city and its advantages. After marriage and children, she became a registered nurse. During those years she worked in both home health and hospice. Betty’s interest in healing led her into areas of complimentary methods of healing as well. She has been working in nursing for over 30 years and complementary healing for over 20 years.

In the 1990’s, Betty was lead to a Reiki class by a friend. She became a Reiki Master and teacher in 1996 – but she still longed for more. She obtained her massage license in 2007. However, she was intrigued by the power of the mind in healing. Betty’s search for body, mind, and spirit integration led her to obtaining her Hypnosis Certification in 2009. From here the realms of healing and understanding of life opened up.

Now, as a member of the Akashic Records Guides International, Betty has opened a new path to assist others in their soul work.

What People Are Saying

Akashic Record readings are not new to me. I have had several readings from different people. Betty is truly a gifted reader. My few sessions with her have been so true to my life challenges and relationships. Her connection and communication with the Record Keepers gave me peace, love, encouragement and precise suggestions to move forward in a healing way. Thank you, Betty, for sharing your healing gifts. I look forward to my next reading as my “Journey of Life” continues.
– Jean

Betty’s reading of the Akashic records was inspiring. I felt a ton was lifted off my shoulders after I heard the messages. It all made sense and she was on target on what is going on in my life. If I’m ever in a rut, I’ll call her again.
– Jacqueline


Round image of Lorraine Lepine

Lorraine Lepine - Prairie Village, KS


Since Lorraine Lepine was very young, she has been searching for the mysteries of life and looking for ways to grow spiritually — and help others do the same.  Her interest and ability in Akashic Records has its roots in her life-long spiritual journey, which continues to this day.

Lorraine’s background is originally in rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy, where she spent 23 years working as an OT. Even then, she knew that she was supposed to be of service to others.

Throughout her OT career, Lorraine knew that there was more to life than what she had learned in her scientific occupational therapy training, so she spent a lot time working to figure out who she was and what she was truly supposed to be doing. Her exploration through the years brought her to Reiki, adult education, and to Therapeutic Touch – both as a practitioner and a teacher. Lorraine’s ongoing search brought her on spiritual trips to Egypt, Nepal, and Sedona.

Things really started to turn around for Lorraine when she began to increasingly embrace her spiritual practices for herself and others. She became a T’ai Chi Chih practitioner and teacher. Her T’ai Chi Chih practice, as well as her Therapeutic Touch practice, brought her to a deeper understanding of the Chi and of Prana.

As a complement to these practices, Lorraine later trained in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, a Peruvian shamanic practice, which has deepened her experience with spirits and nature. This brought a whole new level of understanding of the use of the heart energy into her work.

Lorraine continued to feel a pull from her soul to keep searching for practices that truly suited her. She found the teachings of Maureen St Germain from the Ascension Institute, where she trained with Maureen during a year-long program — and is now continuing for a second year. Through this training, Lorraine has exponentially evolved her psychic skills, her desire to help others in new world energy, and has developed a clearer vision of how she can be of service to others. Through the Ascension Institute, Lorraine was introduced to Quantum Matrix Healing, which is a way of removing entities that are not you, and that are affecting your behavior and emotional responses to situations. Quantum Matrix Healing gets to the bottom of those behaviors and emotional states, clears unneeded entities, and allows you to connect with the mature parts of yourself, so you can reclaim your lost parts.

At this point in her evolution, Lorraine is using all of the knowledge and skills she accumulated over the years to be of service to others. She is very happy to be able to do such meaningful work to help you in your own Soul evolution.

Lorraine is originally from Montreal, Canada, and currently resides in Kansas City with her husband. She has two grown children and one grandchild, with a second one on the way!


What People Are Saying

Lorraine Lepine acting as my Akashic Records Guide was excellent in her knowledge and the facilitation of the reading. After explaining what to expect, she asked me to be specific on what I wanted to know. This helped me focus on life that is luring me in a universal way. I felt the information she received and imparted to me was affirming, encouraging and has led to some beautiful expressions of love, compassion and abundance. I am most grateful for her assistance.
– Jan Kovac

Round image of Sylvia Chappell Akashic Records Guide

Sylvia Chappell - New York, NY


Sylvia was certified by Maureen St. Germain as an ARI Guide in 2013 and as an instructor for Akashic Records Level 1 in 2016. She is also a certified Past-Life Regressionist and Reiki Master, wonderful adjuncts to her Akashic Records work in helping you to heal past issues that are impacting your present life.

Her readings touch the heart, clarify the soul’s purpose, and often, when directed by your Record Keepers, serve as the conduit for helpful, healing energies from the Record Keepers, Ascended Masters and Archangels themselves. She is often guided to tone healing energies for you. Toning is one of the most powerful healing energies there is because the tones allow your body to resonate to a new vibration, instantaneously changing who you are and who you can become.

Sylvia has served as a volunteer for the Edgar Cayce organization (Association for Research and Enlightenment) in New York City for 25 years. She was instrumental in founding the NYC Edgar Cayce Center in 1997. It was during this time that her intuitive gifts blossomed, first finding expression as a Tarot reader, then as an intuitive healer and certified Reiki Master. Her creative explorations of her own past lives for insights to heal the present led her to become a certified Past-Life Regressionist and the catalyst for many remarkable healing transformations.

Sylvia lives in New York City and offers readings worldwide via phone, FaceTime (iPhone), Skype, etc. In-person readings are also available in NYC and will be scheduled at convenient locations including the Edgar Cayce Center of NYC. She also offers Intuitive Tarot courses and readings and Past-Life Regressions at the Center. She continues to volunteer there, presently serving on the Board of Trustees.

Find out more at sylviachappell.net.

Prior professional work: Sylvia left a very successful career as an advertising writer to pursue her “soul’s work” full time as an intuitive guide and healer in 2013. She has spoken about her Akashic Records and Past Life work on TV and in ARI’s own Akashic Records blog.

What People Are Saying



I had my list of questions in front of me as I listened to Sylvia’s voice, which changed from when we initially talked. The record keepers were speaking through her and addressed so many of my questions that I did not have to ask. It was intense and gratifying to have so many of my heart felt wishes and desires confirmed. So much of what I have been going through was described in detail, with a perspective I never considered. When one looks over one’s life and may regret things done in the past to self and others, guilt can set in. I have a family member I unknowingly tried to force, so to speak, a square peg into a round hole. I have such a different perspective now of the situation and know that it will result in a closer, more loving and nurturing relationship. I thank the record keepers for this unique point of view.
I found comfort in knowing my true soul’s purpose and that I am on the right path with a lot more exciting adventures, modalities and relationships to develop in my future. I am now more optimistic and grateful that I made this decision to have the reading in the first place. It was the best gift I gave myself for the coming year 2015.  I highly recommend Sylvia Chappell. I am confident her readings will leave any client with a satisfaction and knowing deep inside, with many of the answers that you are seeking. An energy healing was the icing on the cake and I have felt a marked improvement in my health condition since that conversation. It was a remarkable experience! This will not be my last reading with Sylvia!
—Iris Basham

Sylvia Chappell cured my lifelong lower backache over the telephone during one Akashic Records reading. This Akashic Records reading is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself because it gave me new insights into my life, into my relationships, into my backache! I cannot recommend her readings enough. It is the gift of self-knowledge… the best investment anyone can make. Your life will be changed for the better when you do it.
—Diana Montford, Host of the Diana Montford TV Show

Having my Akashic records read by Sylvia was truly a transformative experience…. She provided so many insightful explanations for questions I have regarding aspects of my family dynamics and things I have known all my life but did not know why or how. The reading unlocked the mysteries of my life’s puzzling questions. Since my reading with Sylvia, I can physically feel a frequency shift and blockages clearing from my heart and throat chakras, giving way to more love, forgiveness and clarity in communication with those family members I held as adversaries. I am able to become less judgmental and more understanding.
—Linda L.

The session was progressively engaging and empowering. I experienced a personal shift, as the deeper aspects of my soul were explored. I came away with a greater clarity about my calling and purpose for this lifetime. I had a better understanding of the impact of past influences and an awareness of who I was becoming spiritually. This was a pivotal step in my life’s journey that grounded me and taught me to let go of what no longer served me.
—Joan A.

I wanted to let you know how helpful the information from The Records, through you, was for me. When I asked if our family had been together before and how I can support the best for our family, you described a lifetime where we were all in the same family roles, birth order and personalities, but you don’t know our family! Then they proceeded to describe how decisions made based on social norms then are affecting me now. It all made perfect sense because some of the personality traits and family dynamics are as you saw them in my Records, but the information was also given on how I can gently adjust and support the best in all of us. Having useful insights for the present work at hand is very reassuring, i.e., knowing we all came back by agreement to shine more light on ourselves is very heart-warming.

round image of Gail Lash in a red blazer

Gail Lash - Atlanta, GA


Gail Lash has always been connected to Nature – its animals, plants, minerals and elements.  As a child, she talked with animals and accessed her clairvoyant gifts. As an adult, she worked in zoos and nature parks as a biologist. Gail’s graduate work in conservation, environmental policy, and sustainable development led her around the world to join diverse cultures in creating new places in harmony with both humans and wildlife, through ecotourism.

In 2003, she formed her company, Tourism For Peace. These travels opened the doorway for Gail to study and now teach concepts of Peace – both internally in each of us, and externally in the world around us.

She is a graduate of Mastering Alchemy, and uses her Light Body to align with Earth’s sacred sites, communicate with animals, and write books on Peace. Having studied the Merkaba Meditation with Maureen St. Germain over ten years ago, Gail is happy to now be a Guide for opening the Akashic Records. These Records hold the promise of world peace for each of us, and as a collective humanity.

Gail is excited to not only open individual Akashic Records, but she is also gifted at opening Akashic Records for groups and organizations, using the name of the business or group.

Gail lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA (Eastern Time Zone) and conducts your personal or organizational Akashic Records readings via Skype or on the phone. She looks forward to working with you to create your world of peace, power, and prosperity!

What People Are Saying

“My session with Gail was at a time of fairly profound instability in my life. I was feeling so lost… rudderless. Her reading brought so much clarity and resonated with me on such a deep level, that it gave me the strength to move forward and embrace my path. I cannot thank you enough, Gail, for that gift of clarity. What I’m being asked to do, at this point in my life, is not easy but it makes sense and I can make peace with it because of that. Thank you so much!”
– Tami Solomon, Mental Health Counselor, Sound Therapist, Kingdom of Bahrain

“On April 29 2017, I had a Akashic records reading with Dr. Gail Lash. This was my very first Akashic reading and I was not exactly sure what to expect. Yet I was excited for the session.  The opening remarks revealed many issues that I was struggling with in my life. Gail made me aware of how to change my perspective and realize certain truths.  I suppose what was most helpful with my session with Gail that not only did she make me aware but also, showed me how to remedy these issues with visualization practices and mindful thought patterns when an issue would surface.  She explained esoteric concepts so clearly to me that finally I understood some of these ideas. She gave me strategies to use to promote peace, hope, and personal protection.  I felt that I gained much comfort and understanding from this session. She addressed all of my questions during the session time. Truly, I was given a gift to have had the opportunity to have an Akashic reading with Gail. Thank you Gail— Much peace and love.”
– Lisa K

“Dr. Gail, thank you so much for today’s Akashic Records reading.  It was very enlightening and I really appreciate all the assistance from my guides and the encouragement for what my future holds and my soul’s growth.  I wanted to tell you that I was in my bedroom when we did the reading and afterwards I left the room for about 15 minutes.  When I went back in the room it was filled with an overwhelming fragrance of roses as if the entire room had fresh roses everywhere.  It was incredible and amazing as I really feel that it was a divine presence and also a special present from my guides to me. All I can say is WOW, there’s so much information that resonated with me. Much Love & Gratitude!”
– Brenda C., Georgia.

“Gail, I am ever grateful to you for the experience of an Akashic Record reading. As an Energy Practitioner myself, I am used to the beautiful feeling of connecting with Spirit and Higher Wisdom. I was not expecting to feel that so magnified in an Akashic Record reading! The reading was a receiving of expanded and deeper sharing of information. As if you went to the Cooperation Head for guidance not just the boss so to speak! The Wisdom shared was so rich and timely it was easy to embrace. The information shared about my Purpose spoke to my heart so deeply, that afterwards I felt more Embodied in my purpose. This was a profound experience that left me feeling more aligned with the Truth of who I am, which has been my passion to know. Thank you!”
– Pam R., Georgia

“For a novice who was admittedly apprehensive about my first experience with delving into the unknown mysteries of my Akashic Records and nervous about openly discussing some of the most sensitive and deepest feelings of my life, Gail’s gentle, kind and encouraging demeanor and happy personality resulted in a beautiful, powerfully moving, and very meaningful experience for me. I was deeply effected by the revelations about some of the most vexing and difficult issues and questions that I have struggled with for most of my lifetime. The knowledge gained from the wisdom of the Guides has given me the hope of new directions and energy to continue to pursue my dream of being a positive light of hope, encouragement, support and love to those in the world who struggle with the issues in their lives that separate them from love. I feel that my time with Gail’s direction from the Guides was a seminal moment in my life that will resonate throughout all my remaining days. I am forever thankful for the opportunity to learn about my journey with the help and guidance of a gifted and loving person who I hope countless others will know when they experience the gift of working with Gail.”
– Martie C., Tennessee

“Gail’s Akashic Records reading gave me great clarity about my life purpose and where I should channel my energies. She is a gifted reader who exudes a calm presence and I am most appreciative for the insight she has provided me.”
– Rebecca T., Georgia

“Thank you Gail! This Akashic Records reading really jolted some yummy light into my blood. Thank you!!! Love and Light to you!”
– Jenn U., California

“I am very grateful to Gail and the guides for the Akashic Record reading I received on Saturday, February 11, 2017. I feel that the information was presented in a very clear and concise manner and much of it resonated well with that which I already knew to be true. The insight I received will be invaluable to me going forward into the next few months and I look forward to scheduling a follow up session, at some point. Also, I felt immense well-being for several days after the reading! Gail’s manner is professional and light-hearted and I would happily recommend her as an Akashic Record reader.”
– Blessings, Mary Anne P., Tennessee

It has been my good fortune to receive an Akashic reading with Gail Lash. I found her to be a sensitive, compassionate and self-less person. As a professional she proved to be accurate and skillful in guiding me through my reading. With Gail’s support, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the past and present state of my journey here on earth. With this increased awareness, I feel more capable pursuing the future in this life and hereafter. Through Gail’s expertise in Akashic reading, I have been empowered to live this life more intentionally- emotionally, physically and spiritually. I give Gail my strongest recommendation for anyone seeking to gain knowledge through Akashic reading.
– In gratitude, Pamela W.

round image of Haseena Patel with turquoise earrings

Haseena Patel


Haseena will be taking Akashic Records clients again in October. Please check back then to book a reading!

Haseena’s spiritual journey began with the diagnosis of a fibroadenoma in her breast. During her quest for spiritual and emotional healing, this growth she had feared became her greatest blessing and teacher. The search for truth in her own life led to her creating a system of healing for others, helping them to find the truth in their own lives and live by this truth. And so, The Truth-Walker’s Journey was born.

Reading the Akashic Records is an extension of that journey for Haseena – it is a part of helping others to live their heart’s truth and find their voices through a Divine Connection, the ultimate Source of Truth.

Haseena is also an author, speaker and girls’ empowerment coach. She is co-founder of Leave No Girl Behind International, and co-creator of the Bubbles Beyond Borders campaign to support the rights and dreams of girls and women worldwide.

Haseena is available for readings via Skype, telephone, and in-person, and is currently based in Newcastle, South Africa.

What People Are Saying

I am happy to share that I had an informative Akashic Records Reading from Haseena, which gave specific relevant information regarding my ongoing personal situations. After the reading, I felt calmer and more assured about my decisions and the directions I am taking; Haseena did not attempt to direct me, she was gentle and checked my understanding at all times, the information shared was relevant and gave me confidence in the choices I have been making personally. Haseena’s comforting manner and supportive choice of phrasing make for a soothing experience, which I am happy to recommend and would be happy to use again.
– Rachel, U.K.

My Akashic Reading with Haseena was very insightful and helpful. It was also very accurate and exact. So far every question asked and answered has been as the Reading revealed.
– Dinah Braide, Nigeria

My experience with my Akashic Records Reading was powerful. I entered into the session ready and open-minded and I was met with compassion and warmth. Overall, my experience was informative and I look forward to using the advice that I was given to move forward.
– Felicia Johnson, U.S.A.

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Rated 5.00 out of 5