AroMandalas® Sound & Scent: Open Doors 1 & Passages w/MP3

$58.94 $53.05

Opportunities abound with this meditation! Unlock the Key to Selling Your Property Faster and Finding a New Place.

This meditation provides a bridge to enhance and empower you through this time of transition, creating the energy to replace the old and opening doors to a better place and a new you.

Get the AroMandalas® Sound & Scent Package – the Complete Experience
Heighten your meditation with the companion AroMandalas® essential oil blend, Passages, to help support all aspects of this change.
A blending of lemon, basil, ho leaf, palmarosa, elemi, cedarwood and juniper berry with just a hint of chocolate will assist in the letting go of all that is familiar and the acceptance of new opportunities offered in each of life’s many passages. 10ml

Simply choose a Sound & Scent Package below to receive 10% off both!

Open Doors 1 Sample

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