Be a Genie: Create Love, Success and Happiness


This book is a life-transforming treasure map for Love, Success and Happiness. You’ll learn how to Be A Genie, and follow the easy steps and keys to creating your heart’s desire with your partner, the Universe. The simple five-step Genie System is based on solid science, quantum physics and secrets of sacred geometry, along with practical tools to help you realize your life dreams and goals.

Originally offered in 1994 in manuscript form as You are the Genie in the Bottle, Maureen is re-releasing this completely updated version for audiences worldwide!

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Heighten your meditation with the companion AroMandalas® essential oil blend, Genie in a Bottle.  A powerful companion to the book, this blending of elemi, fennel, frankincense, ginger, helichrysum, laurel, lemon, niaouli, oregano, black pepper and Spanish sage enhances the energetics of the natural laws of the Universe. These perceptions assist in the discovery of life purpose and the means to manifest desires of the heart. Be prepared for rapid transformation and life-changing results. 10ml

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