Open Your Heart to Love


A guided meditation to open your heart. Experience waves of unconditional love along with uplifting feelings of wellbeing and heart opening.

This meditation was created to make it easier to get into your heart and to exercise your heart muscle. Sometimes we are so filled with fear and worry that it is hard to concentrate on anything else. This meditation will lift your spirits and leave you feeling enriched by the presence of your Higher Self firmly anchored in your heart. Some of my “people” have said this is their very favorite meditation. It is based on the free meditation we released with the May 2020 Blog Post.

This meditation is relaxing, and easy to follow. If you’ve wanted to find a way to be more open hearted this is an ideal choice! It is soothing, inspiring and sweet. In this meditation I count backwards from 10 to get into the heart, and then we connect with the heart. When we have done that, we count forward up to 10.

If you have ever felt like your Higher Self Connection needed a boost, this meditation, used on a a regular basis will assist you in creating that space and awareness of your Higher Self. I hope you enjoy it!

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