Shungite Pyramid


What is shungite?

Shungite is a Precambrian carbonaceous natural stone of organic origin. It is often called a miracle stone  or stone of life and a healing mineral due to its astonishing positive properties. Scientists say that the mineral is approximately 2 billion years old and it starts its existence long before life existed on Earth. Thus, it has been accumulating the energy of the Earth for thousands of years. Up until now there is no one single answer in scientific circles of how this stone appeared. It is found in its raw authentic form only in the Republic of Karelia, the Russian Federation, where the only deposit of it names Zagozhinsky is located.

  • Small Pyramid: 50mm, for Wi-Fi hot spot, Microwave, Desktop.
  • Medium Pyramid: 80mm, for TV room, Small bedroom, office.
  • Large Pyramid: 100mm, for L Bedroom, Small living room, Den.
  • XL Pyramid: 200mm  for Large living space. Very large, 12LB.

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Shungite Pyramid

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