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I am Maureen St. Germain, founder of Transformational Enterprises, Inc., and I am pleased to offer you our Free Bonus selection. Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you in this way. This promotional gift was included with your book purchase.

Our partner offer is a wonderful, full-length Guided Meditation called Divine Transfusion.

De-stressing in Difficult Times is our theme for your free guided meditation.

How can you be happy when you are stressed out about your life? Add the problems in the world and heaven knows what kind of stress you are experiencing! My guided meditations and AroMandalas® Essential Oil Blends provide timesaving, personalized solutions to de-stressing in difficult times. Each of our meditations is written with you in mind. They provide opportunities for you to include personal intentions while learning from the suggestions offered in the meditation.

Divine Transfusion is our easy 12-minute de-stressor that will make a huge difference in your life. A transfusion for your spirit can be lifesaving. Try it, on us! Once you use it you will return to it time and time again! Tell your friends; this is a ‘must have’!

Divine Transfusion invites you to relax and then breathe into your particular issue or concern. It then calls in the energy to repair it. You are given several opportunities to insert your specific need or complaint into the “de-stressor.” You won’t leave anyone out, because you are also invited to “de-stress” the problems of the world and for victims of hurricane, flood, weather damage, fire, earthquake and more. All this in 10 minutes! It then calls in a direct “Divine Transfusion” from God. This meditation fills you with confidence and offers the opportunity to include everyone in your current concerns. You emerge from this personalized guided meditation into a place of peace and calm, knowing what needs to be done, allowing for change and bringing forth happy endings.

Get your Divine Transfusion now!

You will receive this new energy for De-stressing in Difficult Times absolutely free! You don’t even have to pay for shipping, as we have arranged for you to electronically add it to your computer or digital device.

Sometimes happiness and success can elude you. It’s difficult to retain a joyful place when you worry about yourself or others; it isn’t always easy to stay in a loving place. When you add to your concerns the problems thousands of people who have lost their homes in recent months it is a wonder to find happiness. If however, you do something about it, then you can relax, and know that you have made a difference! One of the happiness projects I’m involved in takes people to swim with the Dolphins in Hawaii. We also carry a unique essential oil blend that was channeled from the Dolphins that will instantly revive your happiness! Happiness in a bottle is called “Dolphin Dreams” and it isn’t just for Dolphin lovers! One of our customers tells us,

“After a very stressful morning at work, I pulled out my ‘Dolphin Dreams,’ poured it on my hands, and rubbed them together. Next thing I knew, my office mate wanted some! I love your AroMandalas!”

We also have many other wonderful guided Meditation CDs and Companion AroMandalas® Essential Oil Blends as well as workshops that can help you with day to day living, inspiration and ways to open your heart. Our Sacred Journeys are legendary (Egypt, Tibet, Peru, etc.).

In particular, our AroMandalas® Essential Oil Blends are truly “Genies in a Bottle!” We hope that after you have enjoyed our free CD, you’ll stop back and check out the wide selection of workshops, sacred journeys and products at our website.

Our objective is to assist you in becoming the highest you can be in any given moment. Our mission is to inspire everyone we meet, providing a sense of self along with a passion and compassion for life, lasting your entire lifetime!

Wishing you a million blessings this day and a Day of Heaven on Earth for you and all you come in contact with!

Maureen St. Germain
Founder, Transformational Enterprises, Inc.

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Divine Transfusion! Get yours today! Don’t wait for dark days to ruin your life, de-stress, and transform problems into promise, transform stress into success. Give yourself what you really need – God solutions that inspire and improve who you are, while making a difference for mankind. We love helping you!

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