Thank you for your interest – Here’s your gift!

This 20 minute guided meditation was at a live presentation – and as such is really elevated for the very large audience that was graced to receive it. An incredible download of loving energy comes through.

It’s only going to be available for a short time – so get it while you can! If you like this meditation, you might decide to get the course – I hope you do – for your sake, give yourself the gift of learning to speak and listen to your Higher Self!

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Higher Self Online Course

This is a kick-off to the Higher Self Online Course I’ve developed to give you a self directed four weeks to Higher Self connection – class. You do the lessons when you want, pick up the guided meditations that were built into the each lesson, work on them for a week, and get the next lesson the following week. You’ll get mediations along with the lessons, all on line, at your convenience.

Maureen explains the course:

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