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– Maureen St.Germain

Divine Transfusion Meditation        

The Divine Transfusion is a guided meditation that I created after I wrote and recorded the original Blood Transfusion meditation. I was in meditation critiquing the Blood Transfusion meditation – and was asked by my guides to create this one. You will find in this meditation the tools to heal from any physical, mental or emotional issue. In addition, as I was creating it, I was told that we could ask for this transfusion for our family members and the world. This is why the meditation is set up to invite your participation at each level, reminding you to call in the Divine Transfusion for others and the world as well as yourself. In the case of difficult circumstances of any kind, one can ask for a divine transfusion. This transfusion from God is possible by direct dispensation. A simple request may be all that is required.