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The MerKaBa creates an impenetrable field around your body that allows you to love unconditionally and not be afraid anymore.

It allows you to keep your heart open in difficult circumstances.

It allows you to know when the truth is being spoken.

It allows you to connect to your divine self in a much easier way than you can on your own.

What Is the MerKaBa?

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The MerKaBa was used to create this Universe. It is a rotating, geometric, crystalline Light-Energy field that extends around the body approximately 55 feet. It is both a visualization and breathing meditation that activates your Fifth Dimensional, Light Body.

Practiced over 16,000 years ago, the MerKaBa was known before this civilization existed. By remembering and activating your MerKaBa you will achieve unparalleled awakening – both now and as the planet goes through its upcoming transformation. Learn to operate your MerKaBa and learn to transcend the time-space continuum and dimensional limitations. Learn the MerKaBa correctly and become fifth dimensional in your third dimensional body.

The sacred geometry and ratios used in the MerKaBa are the same numbers continuously found throughout the body, nature and creation.

The MerKaBa is your 5D uniform, and you can use it to gain a mastery of 5D for longer periods of time. It is a tool that will allow you expand your consciousness, and allow you to learn things that you didn’t know…and that you didn’t know you could know!


How Do You Activate the MerKaBa?

woman with arms outstretched, surrounded by MerKaBa energySome people activate it by accident, but a majority of people activate it through instruction, a guided meditation with visualization and breathwork.  The benefit of learning through a tool or teacher is that, like with any new learning, you can grow your skills much faster and will find that the results stay in place longer.

I have taught the classic MerKaBa to thousands of students for many years through the original 17-breath meditation.  More recently, I have been presented with the Multi-Dimensional 5D MerKaBa, which is specifically tuned to the energies of 5D.

One of the things I really like about the MerKaBa is that it is always taught in a sacred environment. My deep Catholic roots, along with my connections to the Angelic Realms and Ascended Masters always drove my passion to do this work. I’ve belonged to numerous organizations, teachings of the Ascended Masters, A.R.E., (Association for Research and Enlightenment, the Cayce organization and currently sit on their Board in New York) and studied the Course in Miracles for starters. I’ve had numerous spiritual teachers along the way.

But now I also get information directly from Source. In response to more and more time meditating and teaching the MerKaBa, more and more information became part of my course material.

It became apparent that there was a need for this supplemental information. Now that dream is a reality in the MerKaBa Classic Video. You can get all the information I teach on this subject.

The Classic MerKaBa


Guided Meditation Audio

MerKaBa II Meditation Audio


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Multi-Dimensional 5D MerKaBa

Guided Meditation Audio

Multi-Dimensional 5D MerKaBa (New!)

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