The Phoenix

The Phoenix is a mythological bird whose story exists in many of the Earth’s ancient belief systems including Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Egyptian and Native American traditions. The Phoenix is always related to the sun, exists as a single, powerful, benevolent, beautiful and melodic giant bird that can live for thousands of years according to legend, and births its replacement from the ashes of its burning nest.

The Phoenix gives the ancients the ability to consider endless life – even though we do not understand it in a corporal world. It is physical, but virtually indestructible, shows us a benevolent existence, and gives us both great visual and musical beauty to give us inspiration and excitement about what is in store for us.

When I was going through a divorce with my husband of 25 years, my youngest son, 10 years of age was in a bead shop with me, came out and assembled a necklace for me with a “Phoenix” in the center of 6 beautiful glass beads. I had told him some time earlier – of the legend of the Phoenix and he was trying to reassure me, and give me hope for an uncertain future. I still have that necklace!

The Rise of the Phoenix

There are Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Egyptian, and Native American counterparts of the Phoenix. None of these birds are identified with the Sun. “A mythical bird that never dies, a Phoenix flies far ahead to the front, always getting the landscape and distant space. It expresses our capacity for vision, for collecting sensory information about our outer garment and the events unfolding within it. The Phoenix, which is great beauty, creates intense excitement and deathless inspiration.”– The Feng Shui handbook, feng shui master Lam Cam Chuen.

We are on the cusp of this fantastic metamorphosis – of the Phoenix.

Years ago, I was returning from an overseas teaching gig with a plan to travel from San Diego to Los Angeles the next day to hear a concert a friend was doing at LACMA. I figured I’d sleep in, and then get in the car with my husband and drive the 3 hours into LA, have some time at the museum, have diner and attend the concert. My husband had another idea! He wanted to visit the newly opened Broad Museum, since we would be going to LA anyway! That meant leaving the house at about 6:30 am to pick up breakfast and then head out! I thought that was a terrible idea, and told him I didn’t want to do it. However, I offered, “I will check in with my Higher Self, and if I am told “yes” I should do this, I will. You guessed it. My Higher Self sided with my husband!

Immediately upon arrival that morning, my husband abandons me to get coffee. Standing in line, at the Broad Museum, a woman walked up to my “special line” of people who would pay extra to see the special exhibit. She had two extra “early entrance” tickets that she had purchased six months earlier for friends that couldn’t come. She offered them to anyone in the line. No one spoke up, so I took them. She instructed me to follow her back to her line, saying I needed to go into the museum with her and her family. As I’m following her my Higher Self clearly states, “You need to talk to these people.” I’m pretty friendly so that didn’t seem a problem.

As we chatted, she handed me her computer printout for their tickets, saying, I’m going up front to ask a question, you will need this if we get separated. I looked at the name on the tickets, Riegelsberger, jumped out at me. “I used to know a family with that name, but they are from Ohio!” The husband smiled, “We are from Ohio.” The grandmother chimed in, “Are you Maureen?” Pat, the grandmother was my mother’s best fried when they both were in the same industry, back in Ohio some 40 years ago! Last time she had seen me was at my first wedding many years ago! My mother was absolutely shocked and tickled when I sent her a picture of me and Pat.

That wasn’t the end of the story. Because now I was talking with “family” (My dad and Pat were first cousins) I offered my New York apartment if they ever came to New York, since I was spending so much time in San Diego! They were thrilled, because their two daughters were in school in New York City, and they did need a place to stay occasionally. Sometime later, I wrote Michael, her son, asking if either of his daughters were interested in a part time job, since I had an opening in my New York office. My third cousin Marlaina (one of his daughters) was the best assistant I had ever had… until she was too busy with school to work for me. Marlaina introduced me to her friend, Jenna, who was even more amazing! Jenna worked for me for a number of years, and delighted me and our other team members! None of this would have happened if I had done what I wanted that Sunday morning!

So, the solution to the dilemmas at hand are found in the legend of the Phoenix. We must be willing to let go of the old to embrace the new. We must be willing to accept our inner compass guidance even when we don’t want to. We must be willing to recalibrate, and invite solutions that we had not considered, maybe even ones we don’t want!

We must also look at disappointment, and whatever the outcome, and decide, “The universe knows something I do not know.” And release our fear of the unknown, release our fear mongering about what will happen if things do not go the way we think they should, trust the process and pray. Yes, pray that no matter what is going on in your life, in your family life and in your country, you will find a way to pray for the highest possible outcome. Do not pray for your preferred outcome, but pray for the ideal outcome – even if you do not like the idea or understand it. It may turn out better than expected.

The number one thing people need to let go of is “control.”  This is the most challenging thing to master, yet, once you do, you will have “everything.” Here’s why: It is important to learn to know what you want, ask for it, reach for it, bring it in, move toward it and such. YET, once the UNIVERSE knows your desire – you must let go and get out of the way. Let the Universe fill your desire the fastest and easiest way possible.

Who would get in a cab at LaGuardia in New York, and tell the cab driver which of the tunnels or bridges to take to get into Manhattan? We expect the cabbie to know what the best route is – even when it is counter-intuitive. Why wouldn’t the UNIVERSE have the same skill?

The answer is obvious. It does. But if you are so busy controlling things – you may not be able to see that. Years ago, I saw a Disney movie where a child had a solution for his father’s ski lodge dilemma. Each time the child said, “Dad, Dad.” the father would respond with, “Not now honey, I’m trying to solve a problem.” This scenario repeated itself several times before the father finally in desperation says, “What is it?” The child offers the solution – and the father’s response is, “Why didn’t you tell me this sooner?”

In yet another true story a child observes a too tall semi that has driven into a tunnel and is now stuck, unable to move forward or backward. No one is able to figure out what to do as the traffic piles up! He asks, “Why don’t they let some air out of the tires?” Priceless.

Finally, we turn to the famous Albert Einstein who said you could not solve a problem from the same vantage point of the creation of that problem. How do we then solve life’s problems? We let go!

Let us envision the beautiful world, the country and leadership we are creating for ourselves!

The Divine Government Meditation

The Legend of the Phoenix

This meditation was created to help you reinvent YOU, using the Legend of the Phoenix. The legend of the Phoenix rising from the ashes is recognized in 9 different mythologies world-wide. This story is a way for humanity to understand rebirth through loss.

Loss can occur in many forms – through loss of a job, or death of a loved one, or from the decision to let go and move on from anything. The Legend of the Phoenix meditation will assist you in building a new life from the ashes of your old one. What will emerge from YOUR ashes?

Guided Meditation Audio

Legend of the Phoenix Meditation


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