Maureen’s Manifestation Matrix

This is for anyone who wishes to take classes with Maureen. You may benefit from Maureen’s Manifestation Matrix by naming and requesting it. If it is truly your desire to attend this workshop and you are serious about it then do the following:

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  • Take your request to the altar. If you don’t have an altar, you might want to make an altar for yourself. Your altar is a sacred place that contains items you find sacred and is a place where you might meditate. The altar of your heart is also acceptable.
  • State clearly what your desire/intention is (to attend Maureen’s workshop, etc.) and what constraints you may have such as time off from work, dollars, family obligations, or responsibilities, etc. and agree to do your part (i.e. show up) and then let the Universe work its magic for you.
  • You will do your part if the Universe does its part. Then mark your personal calendar with the class dates, tell everyone you intend to be there and that you are expecting a miracle (NOT HOPING for but EXPECTING A MIRACLE).
  • Then SEE yourself at the class. Relax into it, knowing you are already there and then let go. Let yourself feel your gratitude for fulfilling your heart’s desire. You are a beloved being and deserve to have your heart’s desire.


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Tips for Manifesting Everything

Make a LIST.

Write down everything that you’d like to see happen.

This is especially true when you are facing some calamity. Look at the impending dark cloud and see the skies open up and the downpour occurs. BUT! It rained briefly, and as soon as it stopped everything was immensely better.

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  • If your issue is about health – see a rapid recovery doing something that proves you are well.
  • If your need is about wealth – see checks being written to you and by you!
  • If your desire is about partnership – see you and the other sharing an anniversary toast.
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