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Lesson 6: Language of the 5th Dimension

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Be sure to re-read chapter 6!

Have you ever cringed when you heard someone’s string of swear words? Me too. Yet I was finding myself cringing at “normal” words and shying away from certain choices and ways of speaking. I was also noticing “polarizing” words that caused people to announce their judgment of what they didn’t like! Statements like, “That messy front lawn, the noisy woman on the train etc.” were literally painful to me!

I wondered why I would react that way and asked my Higher Self in meditation and the answer became clear!

Statements like this seem harmless enough, yet they anchor you into the 3rd dimensional world you don’t need to be in anymore! This is where polarity exists. Even if you are in a blissful state, when someone around you starts to focus on what they do NOT like – they can pull you into the polarity version of earth before you even realize what has occurred! This is especially true when it is someone close to you that you love and admire but hasn’t realized their polarity language is a real downer!

When others around start to focus on their negative experiences, you have to decide to listen or leave. You can politely offer, “Gosh, that’s too bad, I generally don’t have these types of experiences, gotta run.” Or if you’ve already clearly stated your preferences to your family member saying please don’t tell me about what you don’t like, instead, you might say, “Are we talking about what we don’t like?”  Let’s start a new tradition, I name 3 things I really like, and you can take turns with me, and name three things you really like! We can do this every day, when we share meals.”

When you are stuck with someone complaining about their difficult situation that you can clearly see the solution, don’t rush in to fix it, or help them. Instead you must learn to give them space. If they ask, you must offer your advice gently.

For example, I no longer tell people, “You should do….” Instead I say, “I invite you to consider…” and “If it pleases you…” as ways to interact with others, without “telling” them what I think they should do!

Next, let’s focus on how we can transform our own language. Use the list in Chapter 6 to proactively replace common polarity words that you use. If you want, make your own list. Put it on your phone! Now, it’s not enough to decide to be proactive and replace words.  This is a start, but it is your duty to actually eliminate very polarizing words, and then thoughts. (more on that later in this lesson.) Memorizing and practicing the new words will enable you to move into a proactive stance insuring your ability to stay 5th dimensional.

Next, pay attention to your own stories. Decide to self-correct, and stop yourself mid-sentence as necessary. Once you get in the habit of catching yourself, then start to use new words to describe things you don’t like, “my preference is”; or I never noticed that….” When you want to describe what you like you can say, “This is a match. I like it!” You must also be engaged. No more “good or bad” people, situations or circumstances. No more “calling it “ with labels of polarity. Only then will you be less likely to be pulled out of a place of joy and contentment.

In John Molloy’s book Dress for Success, written some 30 years ago, he reminded his readers to dress for a job interview in better attire than the job they may be interviewing for. This was to establish that you were capable of the job you were seeking, to command respect and that you were promotable. We can choose in a similar way to step into our 5th dimensional garment, by choosing the words we know express the level above where we are.

It is your duty to start “acting” like you are 5th dimensional even when you are not, even when you don’t feel like it! In acting it is said, “Fake it, till you make it!” So consciously, when you choose to eliminate certain words because of their heavy polarity, you are creating a matrix that invites you to stay 5th dimensional. It becomes easier to remain in your blissful loving place when you practice using words that have no prejudice or negativity.

I have always joked about myself that you cannot “insult this blonde” because she only hears compliments! You can choose to ONLY hear the positive version of a negative compliment. For example, when my step-father, in exasperation, said, “You’re just like your mother!” I gave him a big smile and said thank you! You can look for the “positive” part ignoring the rest.

Now, when you catch yourself noticing someone else’s behavior that you don’t agree with, and you hear yourself commenting about it in a negative way, stop and announce a do-over.  You can say, “Ah, I just noticed I was in judgment there. Let me give it a reframe, maybe they didn’t realize/notice…(fill in the blank) “  As you start to self-correct, you will be able to create new ways of experiencing others without judgment.

As you begin these new self-aware habits and get in the pattern of self-correction, you will find it easier and easier to think this way too. Your thoughts command the universe. You are creating the world you want to live in by pretending it’s already here. This is truly one of the highest forms of manifestation you can practice.

Remember to keep doing the things you know will help you stay 5th dimensional; such as heart centered meditations like the MerKaBa, choosing to take good care of your body with food and exercise. And remember to get lots of rest, as the body needs time to integrate.



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