Why Online Akashic Readings Are the Best Way to Achieve Peace in Life

Online Akashic Readings

Contact Maureen St. Germaine for the most accurate online akashic readings and learn why opening the door to a new spiritual dimension can free you stress and transform your life.

A leading mental health nonprofit organization recently reported that about one-third of the U.S. population is currently experiencing profound stress and anxiety because of the everyday repercussions of living through a pandemic. Indeed, Covid-19 has changed the way we live and, sadly, has disrupted many activities that once felt peaceful. Inner turmoil is difficult to handle. Everyone seeks different coping methods. Leading spiritualist and worldwide authority on life transformation through accessing the fifth dimension, Maureen St. Germaine offers some profound strategies to achieve tranquility during these unsettled times. With practical spiritual tips that she can provide online, everyday people can access their Akashic records and learn more about their past, present and future emotions and decisions that can help them deal with today’s stresses. Her reputable and accurate readings can help you chart your course to a new spiritual awareness. By opening the door to your soul, these deep findings give you a personal toolbox that will help you with interpersonal relationships, as well as the daily inner tensions that are undoubtedly building during a worldwide crisis. You can complete both levels 1 and 2 in only 4 days.

Either in person or online, once individuals begin to unearth their Akashic records, they can start to see themselves and other more clearly. Many people have described this feeling as being completely in the present. Perhaps a deep sense of mindfulness. Perhaps a complete feeling of tranquility. Others have voiced their sensation of healing. A different plane. A mental and physical sense of well-being. The key is being able to learn how to use an ancient technique of 17-breath meditation that transcends the 3-D world and crosses over the electromagnetically charged orb of energy known as the MerKaba, which encircles our bodies. In this fifth dimension can be found many of the unknown personal secrets that may have hindered your personal life journey. Obstacles are no longer present. A deeper understanding and higher level of good exists here. With more than 25 years’ experience, Maureen St. Germaine and her professional guides can help you reach this harmonious state of well-being. A virtual session is easy to begin. Her workshops, classes, DVDs and best-selling book, Waking Up in 5-D, are all excellent supplementary resources. Contact her today to find a deeper peace.

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