You Can Access the Fifth Dimension and Transform Your Reality to Good

what is the fifth dimension

Contact Maureen St. Germaine to access the fifth dimension and find a place where making good choices and transforming your life has never been easier.

Imagine a different state of mind, where there is no bad energy. A place where we are called to making only good choices that enhance our lives and the lives of others we love. In part, this is the answer to the question, ‘what is the fifth dimension.’ Of course, delving into this deeper realm is not a journey to be taken lightly. The idea that an alternate reality exists dates back as far as pre-literate civilization. Deciphering how humans can transcend the 3-D in which we exist and experience a different plane of energy is admittedly deep. But with Maureen St. Germain and her expert readers, going deep just got easier. The internationally acclaimed spiritualist and her team of professional guides are experts at opening up a person’s Akashic records—a repository of emotions and feelings—and using this information to help an individual meditate and reach a new plane of reality. With focused rhythmic 17-breath meditation, once used by Tibetan monks, the journey is possible—if coached properly. It can enable a person to cross the elliptical orb that encircles the body and fuels the energy of the soul.

This MerKaba can be lifechanging. Participants reported an increased ability to “see, know and hear.” They felt that the “gifts of spirit” were activated and enabled to flow freely. The idea that we can access the fifth dimension is something both spiritualists and scientists have studied for centuries. From quantum physics to quark star particles, physicists continue to ponder an alternate time-space continuum. But Maureen St. Germaine uses the original MerKaba meditation techniques in a practical way to use your sixth sense to reweave the fabric of your own reality. You will begin to understand why you have made choices, how you can improve on your decisions and how you can use this new understanding to infuse more love into your life. No more polarity. Once you agree to work to access points of light in your life, you can wake up in a new reality and use this newfound light to illuminate the world around you. Contact us today for more information on our workshops, institute, essential oils, DVDs and guided meditations—available online—and harness your own energy to transform your life on Earth.

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